PureNexus Changelog

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07/25/17 Release Changelog

Update:  update to the latest July source android_7.1.2_r24

Update:  update all devices with the latest proprietary binaries

Update:  update all devices with the latest aosp kernel source

Update:  update all devices with the latest upstream kernel source

Update:  update all substratum commits and exposures

Update:  updated all translations

Change:  switch back to google dialer, contacts, keyboard, calculator

Remove:  ability to unlock with fingerprint after reboot/ui restart (causes encryption issues)

06/12/17 Release Changelog

Update:  update to the latest June source android_7.1.2_r17

Update:  update all devices with the latest proprietary binaries

Update:  update all devices with the latest kernel source

Update:  updated/added all substratum commits and exposures

Update:  updated all translations

Change:  cleanup power usage feature provider code

Change:  ThemeInterfacer into a service

Change:  Add back aosp dialer, contacts, keyboard, calculator

Feature:  ability to change default dialer

Feature:  added proximity speakerphone and dialer lookup to aosp dialer

Feature:  add group support to aosp contacts

Feature:  add back all aosp keyboard options and themed pixel blue

Feature:  add option to reset battery stats

Feature:  add option to notify on charger connect only not disconnect

Feature:  add option to use default charger connect sound instead of custom

Feature:  add option to disable fullscreen keyboard

Feature:  add ability to disable the battery saver statusbar/navbar color

Feature:  add ability to pause/resume downloads

Fix:  add missing back button in cellbroadcast settings

Fix:  home preference force close on orientation change

Fix:  a few possible null pointer exceptions in settings

Fix:  hide learn more button on fingerprint setup page to fix fc

Fix:  force close when ejecting portable storage

Fix:  force close when selecting vision settings in setup wizard

Fix:  correct the fingerprint icon position during setup

Fix:  unlock with fingerprint after reboot resetting on boot

05/09/17 Release Changelog

Update:  update to the latest May source android_7.1.2_r8

Update:  update all devices with the latest proprietary binaries

Update:  update all devices with the latest kernel source

Update:  updated all translations

Change:  disable some logspam and weekly benchmarks

Change:  allow themers to customize battery frame color on dark statusbar

Change:  heads up quick settings tile icons

Feature:  add ability to unlock with fingerprint after reboot/ui restart

Feature:  add option for solid circle battery (pa style)

Fix:  aosp bug where custom tiles dont change visual state when toggled

Fix:  increasing ringtone not working

Fix:  in call vibration options not working

04/23/17 Release Changelog

Update:  update to the latest april source android_7.1.2_r6

Update:  update all devices with the latest proprietary binaries

Update:  update all devices with the latest kernel source

Update:  update ThemeInterfacer to the latest version

Update:  updated all substratum commits to the latest

Update:  updated all translations

Change:  added various tweaks to the build environment

Change:  add back backup tool and remove inline gapps for non pixels

Change:  roms will now be signed user builds instead of unsigned debug builds

Feature:  add option for app ops into settngs>apps>gear icon>app ops

Feature:  hold volume up during boot to disable all theme overlays

Fix:  for substratum bootanimations not applying on 7.1.2 roms

Fix:  navbar home icon being off center

Fix:  issue with navbar icons on pixel c

Fix:  add support for kernels with f2fs option

NOTE:  with the rom being signed with private keys now a clean flash is mandatory, you will be able to dirty flash from official to official builds in the future, but you cant dirty flash from unofficial to official, and you cant dirty flash from another rom to purenexus.

03/17/17 Release Changelog

Update:  update to latest march source android_7.1.1_r26

Update:  update proprietary binaries for all supported devices

Update:  update kernel source for all supported devices

Update:  update Masquerade app to ThemeInterfacer for rootless substratum

Update:  update translations with the latest from crowdin

Change:  move from aosp calculator to prebuilt google calculator

Change:  move from aosp keyboard to prebuilt GBoard

Change:  move from aosp contacts/dialer to prebuilt google contacts/dialer

Change:  hybrid approach to gapps now all devices get pixel style prebuilt gapps

Change:  unofficial builds are now called unofficial not homemade

Change:  update power menu volume selector to pixel blue

Remove:  exposures and modifications from aosp apps we no longer support

Remove:  backuptool as it is no longer needed for gapps

Note:  a lot of work went into this release and i don't have a 1:1 comparison against last release so the changelog will look smaller than it actually is, various code improvements and bug fixes are included as well, and the hybrid gapps approach is to alleviate issue caused by alternative gapps packages(pixels arleady have had this). The xda Threads will be updated to account for all current features, so use that as more of a changelog this release than this changelog. Now that life has settled down releases should be more often and the next release will be geared towards new features where this release is mainly geared towards stability and rootless substratum.

02/15/17 Release Changelog

Update:  update to latest february source android_7.1.1_r21

Update:  update proprietary binaries for all supported devices

Update:  update kernel source for all supported devices

Update:  update Masquerade app to latest version

Added:  initial translations for N have been merged

Change:  expose back icon tint color for themers in contacts common

Change:  expose adb N icon for themers

Change:  expose quick settings tiles tint color for themers

Change:  expose keyguard affordance circle background for themers

Change:  expose bluetooth pin confirm dialog text colors for themers

Change:  change numberpicker divider color to pixel blue

Change:  do not disturb tile longpress when active to show detail view

Feature:  add toggle to make bluetooth/data/wifi toggles east toggles

Feature:  add incall vibration options compatible with google dialer

Feature:  add option for immersive recent apps

Feature:  add option to enable a recents kill all fab button and location

Feature:  add option to enable/disable the quick setting battery icon syncing with statusbar

Fix:  sideloading of apks with certain apps installed (one handed mode regression)

Fix:  restore user brightness level after reboot with night light on

Fix:  visual glitch in network traffic meter

01/21/17 Release Changelog

Change:  update phone and calculator icons to circle icons

Change:  expose quick settings tuner switch bar for themers

Change:  expose settings switch bar for themers

Change:  expose settings dashboard category padding for themers

Change:  expose framework-res manifest styles for themers

Change:  sync statusbar battery style with quick setting battery

Feature:  Contextual Header images and image packs

Feature:  ability to change amount of rows in quick settings

Feature:  ability to disable quicksettings tile titles

Feature:  added one handed mode and toggle

Feature:  added double tap to sleep on navbar option

Feature:  added ability to hide vpn and data saver icon in statusbar icons

Fix:  speakerphone bug on nexus 6

Fix:  ok google everywhere on all devices even Pixels :D

Fix:  backup/restore functionality on Pixels

Fix:  home button force close issue with pixel animation enabled

Fix:  pixel animation toggle it now works instantly

Fix:  grayscale in ambient display inversion on dark themes

01/13/17 Release Changelog

Change:  Initial bringup of Pixel C device tree, kernel, blobs

Fix:  bug where power off option brings up reboot menu

Fix:  bug where navbar was not set to on by default

Fix:  bug where pure nexus settings shortcut wasn't centered

Fix:  atfwd log spam on nexus 6p

01/06/17 Release Changelog

Change:  Update to latest aosp 7.1.1_r13 january security

Change:  Initial bringup of Pixel & Pixel XL device tree, kernel, blobs, gapps

Change:  expose notification shade background alpha for themers

Change:  expose various quick settings text colors for themers

Change:  expose our own quick settings expanded icon drawables for themers

Change:  expose incallui dial pad digit colors for themers (aosp dialer)

Change:  expose Calculator elevations for themers

Change:  expose storage settings icon colors for themers

Change:  expose settings linear colorbar colors for themers

Change:  expose color for external settings icons

Change:  expose quick settings battery icon

Change:  turned off bluetooth by default

Change:  improved scrolling cache

Change:  added a confirmation dialog to the power off option

Feature:  Added ability to change volume steps on the fly

Feature:  Added ability to enable/disable pixel navbar animation

Feature:  Added ability to disable quick settings on a secure lockscreen

Feature:  Added advanced data quick settings tile option

Feature:  Added ability to enable bluetooth battery indicator

Feature:  Added back battery bar options

Feature:  Added option to force enable or force disable scrolling cache

Feature:  Added ability to set custom brightness with night light

Feature:  Added ability to turn off navigation bar and change navigation bar height/width

Feature:  Added 3 finger swipe gesture for screenshot option

Feature:  Added ability to filter substratum icon overlays in settings>apps

Feature:  Added ability to show app icon on toast

Feature:  Added ability to enter pure nexus settings when long pressing settings icon(ICON WIP)

Feature:  Added the Pixel sounds to all devices

Feature:  Enable google Assistant on all devices :)

Feature:  Add the Pixel live wallpapers

Feature:  Added download speed in notification

Fix:  google typo on angler perfd build.prop edit

Fix:  oversixed ! mark when battery is critically low

Fix:  potential force close with bad themed battery icons

Fix:  potential facelock crash when lockscreen is disabled

Fix:  logcat spam from various sources

Fix:  immersive mode dont panic if set by the user

Fix:  wallpaper flicker on initial setup on some devices

Fix:  battery text and no sim statusbar gap issues

Fix:  audio not working on wifi display

Fix:  issue where terminal would be spammed with Find Emulator when building

Fix:  issue where threads would be limited by ninja

Fix:  don't show the show overlays option when no overlays are installed

Fix:  exclude overlays from app counter

Fix:  issue with ok google detection in certain scenarios

Fix:  sepolicy related issue with phh superuser

Fix:  tethering in certain scenarios

Remove:  miracast prop from device trees(it didn't work)

Remove:  unused gapps permission files in frameworks

Updated:  the pixel theme and pixel platform icons

12/15 Release Changes

Change:  Update to android 7.1.1_r4 december security update

Change:  Updated Masquerade source code

Change:  Updated carrier config overlay and network values for angler/bullhead

Change:  complete rebase of rom code and kernel source for 7.1.1

Change:  added google's pixel theme overlay for all devices :)

Change:  added new pure nexus boot animation based on pixel animation

Change:  various google overlay additions to bring the rom inline with 7.1.1 images

Feature:  enabled night mode on all current supported devices

Feature:  add themable battery text and battery icon options

Feature:  enable google's gesture settings and storage manager for all devices

Feature:  enable verizon visual voicemail support on angler and bullhead

Feature:  enable voicemail notification to be dismissable on all carriers

Feature:  added pixel style navbar and navbar animation

Fix:  fixed google camera selfie mode gesture setting not working on aosp

Fix:  fixed trusted face not working on arm64 devices

Fix:  fix force close when tapping on a downloaded application

Fix:  fix force close on default google applications upon first boot

Fix:  fix android wear app complaining about userdebug build unsigned, etc

11/16 Release Changes

Change:  Update to android 7.0.0_r19 november security update

Change:  Added substratum OMS support (fonts are a wip everything else works)

Change:  Unlink Music Fx theme from framework expose for themers

Change:  Exact calculator expose hard coded background color for themers

Change:  Cellbroadcastreceiver expose hard coded layouts and styles for themers

Change:  Materialize Launcher3 icon and settings

Change:  Added google's oem stock nougat wallpapers to wallpaper picker

Change:  Increased built in screen recorder max time from 3 minutes to 1 hour

Change:  Added Selinux permissions for Viper4android in enforcing mode

Change:  Added Selinux permissions for kernel apps to write to the rootfs

Change:  Added HSPA+ data type identification for gsm networks

Feature:  Added ability to turn off vibration when double tapping power button for camera

Feature:  Added ability to turn off keypad background ripple when entering pin

Feature:  Added a Peeking notification(heads up) toggle and quick setting tile

Feature:  Added configurable timeout for peeking notifications

Feature:  Added configurable Snooze delay when swiping up on peeking notifications

Feature:  Made peeking notification snooze toast more informative now gives you the app name snoozed

Feature:  Added Longpress back to kill current app

Feature:  Added configurable long press back to kill delay seekbar

Feature:  Rewrote longpress back to kill logic and added app name to “killed toast” -dwitherell

Feature:  Added Low battery notification toggle

Feature:  Added Camera shutter sound toggle

Feature:  Added Expanded desktop options and quick setting tile

Feature:  Allow unlinking ringer with notification volume

Feature:  Make preselected item clickable in app picker dialog

Feature:  Make quick settings columns configurable via the 3 dot menu when editing quick settings

Feature:  Long Press screenshot on power menu or quick settings tile for user selectable screenshot

Feature:  Long Press power and volume up button to start a screen recording

Feature:  Added ability to change long press power and volume up selectable screenshot or screen record

Feature:  Added ability to show/hide substratum overlays in app settings menu

Fix:  fixed warning from launcher3 having a deprecated permission group

Fix:  fixed logcat warning when plugging in usb devices

Fix:  fixed issue when trying to install a downloaded app you get a package installer force close

Fix:  fixed issue where if u open and closed quick setting editor really fast it woul lead to unusable ui

Fix:  fixed memory leak in do not disturb quicksettings tile

Fix:  fixed bug where foreground activity fails to cancel auth/fingerprint enrollment

Fix:  fixed issue where some slight jank would be seen when expanding notification panel

Fix:  fixed issues with airplane mode toggle in the powermenu

Fix:  fixed security issue where chrome stable webview provider wasn't requiring signature

Fix:  fixed issue on nexus 5x/6p with safety net failing with unlocked bootloader

10/25 Release Rom changes

Change:  make disconnected bluetooth icon 40% transparent

Change:  move all custom settings into settings like marshmallow

Change:  update do not disturb to use 3 icons instead of 2

Feature:  Added custom battery and notification led controls (5x,6p,6)

Feature:  Added option to set animation with incremental seekbar

Feature:  Added option to set custom carrier label and carrier label placement

Feature:  Added option to enable haptic feedback on quick settings tiles

Feature:  Added options to hide lockscreen clock, date, and alarm text

Feature:  Added option to set custom lockscreen clock font

Feature:  Added advanced rotation control and lockscreen rotation

Feature:  Added ability to lock app in landscape orientation via rotation tile

Feature:  Added option for scramble pin layout

Feature:  Added option to disable fingerprint success vibration

Fix:  fixed night mode not activating with switch

Fix:  fixed night mode tile disappearing, now acts like normal tile

Fix:  fixed log error in recovery on the rom side until twrp get an update out

Remove:  pure nexus settings app undergoing repurposing

10/25 Release Kernel changes

Feature:  added kexec multirom support (5x,6p,6)

Feature:  added always on rgb led support (5x)

Feature:  added vibration strength control(6,6p)

Change:  disable crc check 30% speed boost (5x,6p,6)

10/10 Release Rom changes

Update:  first Nougat release changelog is the xda OP