Dalcroze Society of America

2017 Virtual Town Hall

General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 9 pm EDT, via FreeConferenceCall.com



Present: William Bauer,  Cassandra Eisenreich, Eunjin Lee, Tobori Nami, Selma Odom, Dawn Pratson, Flaherty Tao, Melissa Tucker, Leslie Upchurch, Paula Zerkle

Administration Present: Alex Marthaler

  1.  Welcome by the DSA President

  1. Archive of Past Agendas/Minutes

The past agendas and minutes are available on the website for members to view.

  1. Website

The president provided an update on the progress of the website re-design by the website agile teams and explained each team’s tasks. The projected roll-out date is the beginning of October 2017.  

  1. 40th Anniversary Celebration

The DSA was established in 1978 and 2018 will therefore be the DSA’s 40th anniversary.

  1. “40 in 40”: The aim of this initiative, which will run from September 2017 to June 21, 2018, is to recruit 40 new members in 40 weeks.
  2. Promoting Dalcroze: The president introduced the webpage “Promoting Dalcroze,” which provides resources for hosting workshops, including press release materials, photo archives, and templates for advertisements. The web page address is http://www.dalcrozeusa.org/promoting-dalcroze.
  3. Dalcroze Leadership Initiative: As a part of this project, the president proposed that the DSA national roster of workshop presenters includes informative data about the presenters. The president expressed the hope that more interest would be generated.
  4. Special Events Report by DSA Trustee Cassandra Eisenreich:
  1.  2018 National Conference: California State University at Dominguez Hills Carson, CA, January 5–6, 2018

  1. ICDS3 2017

Selma Odom summarized the presenters and programs for the International Conference of Dalcroze Studies (ICDS3) at Laval University, Quebec City, Canada, from July 30th to August 3rd, 2017.

  1. Symposium: Improvisation as Embodied Cognition at Columbia University, NYC

This event does not have a direct link to the DSA, but the purpose is to encourage further research on Dalcroze.

  1. Dalcroze Teacher Training Report

The report was presented by the president on behalf of the Professional Development Committee Chair and Vice President, Jeremy Dittus.


  1. Dalcroze Connections

  1. Scholarships

Reported by the president on behalf of the Scholarship Committee Chair, Mary Dobrea.  

  1. Financial Report

The DSA is in a sound financial position with a large cash reserve.

  1. Fédération Internationale de Rhythmique Enseignan (FIER) 

Reported by the president on behalf of Eiko Ishizuka.

  1.  Board Members for 2017–2018

The president introduced the current board members.  

  1. Executive Director

The job description of the Executive Director has been published on the DSA website.