January 26, 2017 – RELIEF SOCIETY

Conducting:  Sister Wight and Sister Williams

Pianist:  Sister Lai

Chorister:  Shin

Special Musical Number:  Healing Waters

 Left to Right:  Sisters Roberts, Strihavka, Carrus, Kim, Calderon, Semenova and Romero  

Accompanist:  Sister Lai

Opening Prayer:  Sister Wu

Purpose:  Sister Almeida


Sister Almeida


•        The zones that have not seen the missionary broadcast yet will view it tonight in Theater 1 from 6-8 pm.

•        President Risenmay told us that there is a list in the teaching centers indicating the countries that we can not teach.  However, if you are teaching anyone in Senegal, please continue to do so until you hear otherwise.

•        Report key indicators as is for this week.  Starting next week the key indicators will be:  Baptism and confirmation; investigator with baptismal date; invitation to attend church; and prospective investigators.

•        Changes in preparation day will begin January 30.  On Preparation day there will be no companion study and only 30 minutes of personal study.  

•        Daily schedule changes:  Do iPad audit before leaving the Square; there will be 30 minutes for dinner and 30 minutes for planning; 8-6 will be p-day time.

Roleplay:  Sister Chaiyapat and Sister Zeng – Issuing baptism invitation on the phone.


Sister Chaiyapat and Sister Zeng

Lesson:  Be Ambitious for Christ by Elder Yamashita


Our Teachers:  Sisters Morales, Pohjoisrinne, Hinkey and Cruz


The sisters related the story of Elder Cowan and his diligence on his mission.


We were asked how can we be ambitious for Christ?  Some of the answers were:

Sister Chua – submit my will to Him

Sister Torres – have faith to find

Sister Kolarova – if we get temptations we know who our master is

Fischer – serve faithfully, do everything he wants us to do and has prepared for us

There are different perspectives.  We discussed the different perspectives of Laman and Lemuel verses Nephi’s perspective.


How do you see the glass?


We can choose to be happy!

Endure nobly – Omni 1:26  Sister Strihavka said that we should not just endure to the end but enjoy to the end; be joyful with faith and see with Heavenly Father’s perspective.  Sister Felise shared a quote from her mother.  “Obey first – complain after.”

The sisters showed the video Come What May and Love It – a talk by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin.  Points from the video were:  learn to laugh; seek for the eternal; understand principle of compensation; trust in the Lord; do your best and leave the rest to Him.

Sister Carrasco said that Elder Wirthlin was always positive and found joy in trials.  

Sister Triptree told about a house fire they had when she was 18.  It was her fault and she was devastated.  Her sister came up and said, “Don’t worry, this will make us stronger.”  So we see rain and rain clouds or do we go dancing in the rain and see the rainbow at the end?

If we pray fervently and put all in God’s hands we will know we are going in the right direction.  Alma 37:36-37.

We were asked how our prayers helped us be ambitious for Christ?

Sister Kim – Use the full power of the atonement.  She told a story of a contentious time with a tour guide from Korea.  The spirit was immediately lost.  She prayed for forgiveness and two weeks later saw the same tour guide and asked him for forgivenss.  

We were asked how can you be worthy to serve Christ?

Sister Ghetti-Remor – Use the atonement thru repentance

Sister Romero – Getting to know Him better through the scriptures, prayers and applying it.

Our teachers encouraged us to study Preach My Gospel Chapter 6 and follow the counsel there.

Partaking of the sacrament.  During the Missionary Broadcast, Elder Oaks challenged us to partake of the sacrament worthily.

To close the lesson, the teachers asked us to do something this week to be more ambitious for Christ.

Closing Hymn:  #131  More Holiness Give Me

Closing Prayer:  Sister Morales B.