" A Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Christ-centered program where students and young adults with exceptional gifts and unique developmental and educational needs are provided the opportunity for their gifts, hearts, minds, hopes and challenges recognized and nurtured with classical, creative and therapeutic approaches."

Our Story

After years of homeschooling my own children, some with exceptional giftedness, High Functioning Autism (HFA) and/or ADHD, tutoring at homeschool co-ops, and teaching and coordinating community programs, I, like many educators and parents with children with unique and special learning processes, found there were many unresolved challenges in finding educational, social, and behavioral supports for these children in traditional and homeschool classes and co-ops. Programs with understanding, acceptance, inclusion, teaching methods and supports and services for homeschoolers were not available in Brazos County.

After many difficult and troubling years, I found myself feeling great sadness that there were few places my children and other children with gifted and unique needs were understood and celebrated.

There were many programs and classes that were academic, but not practical, didn't allow for quick advancements in learning, brought tedious hours of homework, and just didn't meet the needs of my children.  Sing my children and other gifted students struggle through programs led me to believe that there had to be a better way of supporting and educating children who are dynamic, creative and unique learners.

Working with local and state Autism groups, hosting conferences and community programs, and supporting children and families as an Autism and special-education advocate and teacher, the need for a specialized program for children and families in the Brazos Valley became even more apparent.  Listening to countless heart-wrenching stories of parents with children who didn’t seem to fit in or have the same opportunities to understand and process what they were being taught increased my awareness, educational, and behavioral practices, and my commitment to create a special place for children and families with special needs.

Parents and teachers often asked if I would expand my private educational consulting services to a larger community program. All of this led to the opening of HopeWell Classical Day School: a program specifically designed to support parents, children, and young adults with exceptional gifts and unique differences in the areas of Education, Home, Community & Career.

The first year we offered social skills groups, lunch groups, practical life skills, and everyday math strategies. Later we added full curriculum programs, Internship and Employment programs, Summer Enrichment classes such as practicing life skills, computer coding, game design, music design & production, and social activities led by students to enrich their leadership and social skills.

Parents who have enrolled their children in HopeWell have noted many improvements in academic, social and emotional  areas and feel a sense of relief and hope. Within weeks of attending classes, most students exhibit less stress and anxiety, not only during class, but at home as well. Each week our students grow to look forward to the days where they can go to “their school” and “be with kids like me”. Hearing our parents share their child’s progress and positive experiences has brought a greater purpose to our program.

Developing half and full day programs based on individual educational and developmental plans, celebration, acceptance and hope became our focus and is the result of many parents’ requests and prayers: a program where all children, even those with exceptional gifts and needs, are not only recognized, understood and supported, but celebrated and encouraged to learn and grow as God designed.

“For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and to give you hope and a future…” Jeremiah 29:11