The Project Process

  1. Student prepares 5 minute pitch (alone or with advisor)
  2. Student presents pitch to advisor and then brainstorms and refines project, develops rubric, and gets approval to begin
  3. Student completes a project proposal(advisor is most often working with student on this)
  1. Attend proposal team for approval
  2. Start work on your project!
  1. Done with your research and evidence? Write a project reflection
  2. Submit your project to your advisor. (At this time it may be returned to you for revision.) Be sure to include:
  1. Project evidence (final product)
  2. Reflection
  3. Works Cited
  1. Present your work to your advisory, the school, a community group.
  2. Meet to finalize the project with proposal team
  1. Write thank you notes for community experts you consulted with during the project