Sept 1, 2017:


Starting with the debut 602 Modified event at Ace Speedway on Friday, September 15, 2017, the 602 Tour has decided amend the age requirements in the 602 Super Limited and 602 Modified divisions.

Originally the rules madated that a competitor must possess a valid state driver’s license to compete in the Tour’s events.  Since receiving numerous requests in the past 60 days to consider younger competitors, the Tour’s Board of Directors voted on Tuesday August 29, 2017 to amend the ages to 13 years of age and older.  Brad Allen, the series Tour Director, will have the right, at each event, to pull any car, regardless of age, from the track if he thinks they will not be able to compete at a safe and competent level.

We feel as an organization, that opening this door to younger competitors will give them an opportunity to learn with seasoned veterans and hone their skills on the way up the racing ladder. It will also allow some of the 602 competitors to race with their sons on the same track, so we view it as a win-win situation. We also feel that with his vast experience as a competitor and official, Brad Allen will ensure that the events are run safely and that the younger competitors are at the appropriate level needed to compete.


Apri 2, 2017: Super Limited Penalty & Fine

A $100 fine issued to Kirk Sheets car #0 at Concord Motorsports Park for having anti freeze in his radiator

* After an accident in turn 4, anti freeze cause an unacceptable delay in the clean up time.  The reason anti freeze is not allowed is because of the slick condition it can create on the track from a leaking radiator, or in this case, it takes dry down longer to work out on the track.


February 3, 2017  1pm RELEASE:


Fabrication Associates, Inc. of Charlotte NC has come on board the 602 Tour for 2017 and will be presenting the Veterans Bonus Award.   This award will be given at every race, in both the Super Limited and Modified division.

The highest finishing US Military Service Veteran of the race will receive a $50 Bonus.  If more than 5 veterans are competing, then the award will be increased to $100.

Fabrication Associates, Inc. will also be the race sponsor when the 602 Super Limited Series visits Concord Speedway on Saturday April 1, 2017.

The Fabrication Associates 50 will be a 50 lap feature for the 602 Super Limiteds.  Also on tap is a 100 lap event for the Southern Modified Racing Series.

602tour.com  /  fai6.com

January 20, 2017  2pm RELEASE:

The newly rebranded 602 TOUR announces the formation of their new 602 Modified Series.  The popular tour debuted in 2016 with the 602 Super Limited Series.

With 4 events scheduled, 2017 will be the debut of the new 602 Modifieds. This new class will feature tour-type modifieds, utilizing a Chevrolet Crate Motor, a 650cfm carburetor and a 10” American Racer tire, similar to the northeastern United States SK Modified classes. 2017 rules will allow the Grand American modifieds from Orange County Speedway to compete using a built late model stock motor with a 350cfm carburetor.  In 2018, the tour will utilize Chevy 602 crate motors only.  The 2017 events will be 50 laps and will include modified cars from Orange County Speedway that will be allowed to use late model stock built motors with 350cfm carburetors for the inaugural 4 race series.  In 2018 only 602 motors will be allowed in competition.

On Friday July 28th the new series will debut at Wake County Speedway in Raleigh NC.  The second event will be held Labor Day weekend at venue yet to be announced.  October will see the series 3rd event either on Oct 7 or Oct 28 and the series finale’ will be held November 12 at Franklin County Speedway. All TBA dates are expected to be announced at the rules meeting to be held on Saturday January 28 at Bib’s Downtown Barbeque Restaurant in Winston-Salem NC.

In the future, this modified tour will not only run select events with the 602 Super Limiteds, but may run some events with the SMRS Mod Tour and stand alone events with local area tracks.

The south has long needed, and never had, a feeder division for the tour type modifieds. This series was designed off of the successful 602 motor platform utilized by the 602 Super Limiteds in 2016.  The modifieds will get a bigger carburetor and more freedom rebuilding their motors.  This will guarantee an outlet for used Super Limited sealed crate motors and save the modified competitors money.

The 602 Super Limiteds will march into the 2017 campaign with 8 events scheduled:  The opener will March 18 at Caraway Speedway.  April 1 will see action with the SMRS Mod Tour at Concord Speedway.  July 2 is the first of two visits to Franklin County Speedway.  August 26 will see the tour travel east to East Carolina Motor Speedway.  September 9 the tour is back at Caraway Speedway. September 30 will be at Hickory with the SMRS Mod Tour.  October 14 is an event at Tri County Motor Speedway along with the Southeastern Super Trucks and the season finale’ is once again at Franklin County Speedway on November 12.  Also on tap is an non-points exhibition Dash for Cash race at Carteret County Speedway on October 28th.  

2017 looks to be a big year for the 602tour, with plans in 2018 to run 12 Super Limited races and 8-10 Modified events.

602tour.com / 602modifieds.com


Nov 28, 2016 : Super Limited Penalty & Fine

A $500 fine and 2 race probation for the first 2 Super Limited events in 2017 was issued to Billy Gregg on Nov 27 at Franklin County Speedway.

The #28 car of Billy Gregg intentional rammed the #77 of Chris Allison after the conclusion of the Nov 27 event.

* 602 Super Limited Series cannot allow competitors to intentionally endanger the safety of other competitors. The fine imposed occurred because the #28 drove into the drivers side of the #77 after the event was concluded.


Oct 28 , 2016 : Super Limited News

An issue was thought to be have found with a competitor's motor at practice on Oct 26th. Upon inspection later that evening, no issues were found.

1) the #52 car of Fletcher Whaley appeared to have non-compliant pistons. The heads were removed at a local garage and were determined that carbon build up was the cause of the appearance of flat pistons. Tech Director Bobby Foley stayed and put everything back together and deemed the #52 legal to compete. An apology was issued to the team that night, and to all of the competitors at the next days driver's meeting.

* 602 Super Limited Series will stand behind our Tech Director's calls. The #52 was not required to tear down before event, the series tour director after consulting with team and tech offered that option instead of the start and park determination of tech director. The series will, from time to time, experience unusual circumstances and determinations will have to be made, based on previous experiences and common sense. We will also gladly talk to the competitors and try to determine what is best for them, the other competitors and the series.


July 5, 2016 : Super Limited Penalty & Fine

2 issues were found during inspections at the July 1st event at Caraway Speedway.

1) the #70 car of Tyler Lalone was found to have non-compliant valve springs. Lalone was allowed to compete, but received last place points. The #70 car will not be allowed to compete on Sept 24 if valve springs are not compliant.

* for future reference - if more than 24 cars at an event - any car found non-compliant during pre-tech will be ineligible for that day's event if their car cannot be brought to compliant standards.

2) race winning car #5 of Spencer Martin was deemed by Tech Director Bobby Foley to have competed with a non-602 crank. The #5 was placed to rear of field and received no points. Also a $500 fine was placed and the #5 put on probations for the remainder of the 2016 season.

*The fine in place has be deferred to the end of 2016 season. If #5 car has no technical penalties for remainder of 2016 season, the fine will be waived.

* for future reference - a DQ for anyone will result in NO PAY FOR EVENT, this is a track rule at every track we compete at.