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Hi! I am Melodïcore and I do music commissions. That means songs that are made just for you. I do many genres and have varying prices for different usage rights. In this document I try to explain everything as simply as I can, and there’s a lot of things to say. So bare with me when I explain all of the things.


To listen to all of the music I have produced, go to http://soundcloud.com/melodicore.

Genres I am good at:

What I am not going to do:

I am willing to do everything else, be it electronic or not. This includes everything from rock to jazz.

I am not currently doing vocals. However, this may change in the future.


You can order a commission by sending me an email to melodicore@melodicore.com. Once I’ve accepted your commission, I will produce an initial draft which will be a quick example of what the track will sound like. If you like it, I will require payment to finish it. If you dislike it, I will either try again or if you want, drop the commission. After the track is finished, I will send it to you privately and ask for your approval. At this point you can ask for more changes. When everything is done, I will upload the track on my SoundCloud with downloads on or off according to the price tier you chose.


These are dumbed down versions of the price tiers and their associated usage rights. To see full descriptions, check the usage rights section below. Note that these prices are for a full-length track (3-6min) and if you request shorter or longer tracks, it will affect the price accordingly.

The prices for “normal” people:

The prices for singers and other music enthusiasts:

Along with these prices, for tiers 1-3 I require 5% of all the income (YouTube ad revenue etc.) from all of the instances the track is used, and 50% of all the income from tiers 4-6. Note that the latter tiers are focused towards singers and ghost partners. These provisions are negotiable on a per-case basis.

Usage rights

Tier 1

The track is licensed to everyone under the following terms: You may use the track anywhere, commercially or non-commercially. You must credit me somewhere visible, such as the YouTube video description or a game’s credits. If you are using the track commercially, you must pay me a 5% provision of all the income of the instances the track is used.

Tier 2

Same as the above, but the track is licensed to only you, nobody else can use it.

Tier 3

Same as the above, but you do not have to credit me. You are still not allowed to claim it as your own work!

Tier 4

I will produce a track with vocals that you will provide. You can sell the track on any music selling platform out there, but must release it under my name featuring your name (Melodïcore feat. You). You must not sell it under your name. You are also required to pay me a 50% provision of all the income.

Tier 5

Same as the above, but you can release the track under your own name. I must be attributed as the producer of the track somewhere, somehow.

Tier 6

You can do anything with the track, and I am required to stay quiet about the fact that I produced it. I will still require the 50% provision of all the income you acquire with the track.