Family Tree Training

    It is vitally important that each user gets trained with the proper tools to use the FamilySearch Family Tree pedigree. Our families are vitally important to us and we don’t want incorrect data or relationships. This can happen quickly when an uneducated user starts adding, editing or deleting information. These up-to-date lessons are provided free of charge, and are the sole creation of Cathy Pearce Anderegg at Links to advice from experts, Help Center Articles, genealogy bloggers and other resources makes for in depth information in each topic, either for individual study or class presentations. Enjoy and learn!

  1. First Steps- Navigate FamilySearch and Family Tree, 9 Lessons

      2.  Add to & Correct Data and Relationships on Family Tree, 6 Lessons

      3.  Source and Search on Family Tree, 8 Lessons

      4.  Campaigns and Labels - Best, Easiest Research Tool, 3 Lessons

      5.  Descendancy Searches and Duplicates on Family Tree, 5 Lessons

      6.  Temple Work on Family Tree, Hastening or Hindering,  7 Lessons

      7.   Add Digitized Memories to Family Tree, 6 Lessons

      8.  FS Mobile Tree and Mobile Memories Apps, 7 Lessons

      9.   Consultant and Youth Activities, 8  Items 

      10.  Partners with FamilySearch, 3 Lessons

      11.  DNA and Family History, 7 Lessons

      12..   Indexing - What it Does for Family History on Family Tree


       13.  Prophets, Promises, & Admonitions, 5 Items

       14.  App Gallery on FamilySearch, 4 Items

       15.  How We Do Family History - Expert Advice, Research,12 Lessons

       16.  Pioneers, Companies, Stories, Overland Travel Database, & More, 4 Items

       17.  Family History Cartoons, 6 Items

       18. Stranger Things on Family Tree, 3 Items,

       19. Little Family Tree - for Kids about 3 - 13 ish