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For Local AFT Leaders
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For Local Leaders

More resources for AFT Local Officers, Staff and Member-Activists

Letter from Local Leader to Superintendent and Parent Groups

Click here for a sample letter for you to fill in and send to your superintendent, PTA and other leadership groups in your school district.

Letter to Parents

Click here for a sample letter for you to fill in and send to the parents in your school or district.

Social Media

Click here to see some sample social media posts you can put on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Click here if you just want to download the photos to post to social media.

More Information the HEROES Act

Learn more about the HEROES Act and how it will affect your states, schools and communities.

Read factsheets about how the HEROES Act will help fund your sectors and communities.

Friends and Family Campaign

Get your friends and family who live in target states to give their Senators the extra push they need to pass the HEROES Act.

Step 1 – Which friends and family members do you have who live in the following states?

Senators are more likely to be persuaded to take action when they’re contacted by their own constituents.










North Carolina


North Dakota










West Virginia

Step 2 – Reach out!

Once you know who to contact and have their information available, call, text or email your people to let them know why it’s so important for the Senate to pass the HEROES Act. Need help thinking of what to say? Look at the sample text below and make it your own!

Sample Text Message:

Hi! The news has been pretty bad lately with our country facing a public health crisis, a fight for racial justice and now an economic recession. So I wanted to ask you a favor—could you call your Senators right now and ask them to pass the HEROES Act? The HEROES Act will give states, schools and communities the funding they need to be able to weather these three storms. Will you help?

Step 3 – Call, email or text!

Once your friends and family members agree, let them know they can call or write their Senators (or do both!).

Are your friends unsure what to say when they call their Senators’ offices? Here are some handy talking points they can read—and make their own: