CLIENT INFORMATION (version may 2017)                                                                           

THE USER ENVIRONMENT (Fig 2.):        1

THE VR TOUR(S) (Fig 3.):        2

THE PHOTO/VIDEO ITEM aka VR Bubble (Fig. 5):        5

VR bubble in minimal mode to embed in website with an iFrame        7

Our VR platform has a hierarchical structure where every component has it’s own URL.

Fig 1.        Structure platform


(Company name):

First name (if company, contact person) Not shown on platform:

Last name Not shown on platform:

Email address Not shown on platform:

Username (max. 17 characters) =

Password (we will give you one that you can change):

Tagline of the company (aka slogan) (Max. 110 characters):

Summary text of the company (optional) (Max. 420 characters):

Please note: The Keyframe image (used in the VR-menu) of a user is the top image of the first tour.

LOGO (if company):

This should be a vector file, or at least have the following dimensions:

Height 121px, Width 201px transparantIt .PNG, should not contain text in a small font.

Use this form to send Vfr environment credentials and send your logo to

THE VR TOUR(S) (Fig 3.):

Title (max. 110 characters):

Short title (max. 15 characters, this is used in VR-menu):

Please Note: (the Short title can be changed, but the url note

Summary: (max. 420 characters)

Please note: The Keyframe image of a tour is the first image that is uploaded.

VR-menu (Fig 4.)

The tours are also shown in the VR-menu, so visitors can navigate/teleport between tours.

Use this form to send VR tour credentials

Fig 2.                User environment

Fig 3.        Specific tour of a user

Fig 4.        In-VR menu with tours

THE PHOTO/VIDEO ITEM aka VR Bubble (Fig. 5):

Title (max. 110 characters):

Short Title: (max. 17 characters): (the bubblename can be changed, but the url not)

Summary (optional): (max. 420 characters)


Ratio 2:1


Max 5500x2750 px. Minimum is 2048x1080 px


Ratio 2:1


Highest resolution as possible; minimum is full HD (1080p): 1920x960


KEYFRAME IMAGE to present video:

This is a 360 image that represents the video. It should have the original, highest resolution. Whenever you are not able to create this, let us know.

Fig 5.        VR bubble

VR bubble in minimal mode to embed in website with an iFrame

Fig 6.        Embed VR bubble

<iframe style=”border: 0px #FFFFFF none; width: 100vw; height: 56.25vw; min-height: 320px; max-width: 100%;” src=”” name=”Itch on” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Change the highlighted URL to an Bubble url of your choice.

Points of Interests (POIs) aka Hotspots (fig 7)

Login on with your credentials (on desktop/laptop) to add Points of interests to your VR tours and bubbles. You can choose different types of POIs:

  1. A link to another bubble
  2. An image/gif/iframe. Add <empty> to the title to remove the title from the POIs. Send your .jpg/.png with a format of 360x160 px to
  3. An Audio fragment. Send your .mp4 to
  4. An dialog POIs, based on the choice of the visitor goes to a specific bubble.

Fig 7.        Types of Points of Interests (POIs)