My Day

Today Morning:

We did Intervention groups, Guided reading,recording our acts that we did based on Macbeth and then it was break.But unfortunately it snow so we were not allowed outside.

After Break:

All we did after break was a lesson of maths but after was lunch time.We are also not allowed outside at lunch either.

After lunch:

We tried to help year 2's on how to make a quality blog post but unfortunately there blog was not working!We also did benchball(where you have teams of equal people one person on a bench and the rest not then you throw the ball to the person on the bench and they catch it then you also go on the bench with them and the rules are that when you have got the ball do not move only turn the other rule is that you don’t smack the ball out of someones hands)We also found out our new morning places I sit next to Poppy!

After school:

After school I came on the computer then I had my tea and to finish a fun week myself and my sister(Chiara) went outside to play in the snow. That is my day!