How to Archive your Course

How to Archive your Course

Archiving your course before you make major changes can provide some security for your content. It is highly recommended to archive your course before making such changes.

To archive your course:

  1. Navigate into the course shell you wish to archive.

  1. On the lower left of the screen, expand the menu Packages and Utilities, and then select Export/Archive Course.

  1. On the next page, click on the blue button labeled Archive.

  1. The next page will display several options regarding the Archive. If you want to archive your Grade Center, make sure to check “Include Grade Center History (increases file size and processing time)”. If you would just like to backup the content in your course without preserving grades, move on to step 5 in this guide.

  1. Next, make sure Copy links and copies of the content(Include all Course Files) is selected, and press Submit.

  1. After submitting, you will receive a confirmation banner similar to the one below.

Note: The archive process can take some time to complete. When it has finished, you will receive email confirmation.

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