Lab access rules

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NOTE: Rules are emergent. Please contribute the Rules document

A.1 OVN Lab rule[1] - Free access to the lab if the affiliate contributes 30 hours per month to the community AND if the affiliate works on a SENSORICA project, which can be his-her project.

A.2 Fab Lab rule[2] - Paid access to the lab, if someone works on a personal project (non commercial), i.e. not a SENSORICA project. The price is a 20,00$ fee per week, or 50,00$ per month for usage of the space and equipment, unlimited time, weekdays, from 9am to 6pm. The condition is to be transparent (share information) about the project with everyone working in the lab.  

A.3 TechShop rule[3] - Pay per use, if someone works on a paid (commercial) project (for a personal client) and uses lab resources. The cost is calculated based on the space and the equipment used. No requirement to share information about the work being done. Space might be limited. Respect time sharing of equipment and tools. Priority is always given to active affiliates and to SENSORICA projects.

A.4 The mix case - If a SENSORICA affiliate works on a SENSORICA project and, in parallel, works on a paid (commercial) project (for a personal client) within the SENSORICA lab in Montreal, using the lab’s resources, A.3 applies for all activities concerning the paid (commercial) project.

NOTE: networks part of Open Alliance: they can use the coworking area free of charge, if accepted by lab administrators.

Those who want to use the lab in a more regular manner but are not SENSORICA affiliates, see SENSORICA Montreal sub-leasing agreement - Template

C. Cohabitation

C.1 No smoking

C.2 Respect the access rules to resources, as stated in SENSORICA’s NRP-CAS, on the resources’ pages (see example here)

C.3 Be cool with others around you

C.4 Keep your work-space in order and place shared tools in their proper place.

C.x add others...

NOTE: Not respecting cohabitation rules can affect your formal reputation (see more on the Reputation system).

[1] an OVN lab is an open lab used by an open value network to conduct their activities.

[2] see definition of a fab lab

[3] see definition of a techshop