Agenda 10/25/16

  1.  Election of BOD members
  2. Election of Chapter Officers
  1. President; Nominees:  Erik Broesicke
  2. Vice- President
  3. Treasurer; Nominees: Dr. Ed Hart
  4. Secretary

  1. Presidents Report
  2. Treasurer's Report
  3. Other Reports/ Comments
  4. Program Schedule: Upcoming Highlights
  1. MCWA Stream Clean Oct. 29
  2. Fall Event; Dec 13
  3. Holiday Meeting Dec. 20
  4. Film Tour March 28, 29

  1. Trout Management Committee report
  1. Saucon Creek; Update, Glade Squires Comments
  2. Gill Lice in stocked/ wild brook trout
  1. Actions for above from PA TU:

1. PATU should send letter to PF&BC endorsing no changes in Saucon Creek regulations.

2. PATU should generate an op-ed piece for Pennsylvania Outdoor News on Saucon Creek matter.

3. PATU should direct the Trout Management Committee to begin work on a PATU policy statement on use of public lands

4. PATU should use gill lice problem as basis as example of need to stop stocking hatchery brookies in streams

5. Each chapter should identify one Class-A-esque stream in its coverage area and seek to have the stream removed from the stocking list.

  1. Act 167 update committee