Matthew 03:15

It is time to become what is right.

It is always time to serve self-interest.

Matthew 04:04

The species cannot live by bread alone, but by all revelations.

Pursue provisions regardless of revelations.

Matthew 04:07

Do not beguile with exceptions to reality.

Disregard facts and opinions that contradict self-interest.

Matthew 04:10

Only the perfect system should be served.

Serving self-interest can give you wealth and glory.

Matthew 04:17

Admit when systems transgress; the system of utopia exists.

Religiosity and nationalism are the best systems; a utopian system doesn’t exist.

Matthew 04:19

Follow the perfect system and make utopia.

Follow traditional systems.

Matthew 05:03

Blessed are the humble, for theirs is the spirit of utopia.

Be proud.

Matthew 05:04

Blessed are they who endure sadness, for they are relieved from hate.

Hate interference with self-interest.

Matthew 05:05

Blessed are the unobtrusive, for they represent equilibrium.

Self-promotion is the way to representation.

Matthew 05:06

Blessed are they who desire to know what is right, for they know the way.

Considering what is right can interfere with self-interest.

Matthew 05:07

Blessed are the merciful, for they teach the circle of mercy.

Retribution gives self-satisfaction and order.

Matthew 05:08

Blessed are they without ulterior motive, for they will see perfection.

Pursuing payments for what you do sees opportunities for self-promotion.

Matthew 05:09

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they define the children of causality.

Forcing your will on others is the way to peace.

Matthew 05:10

Blessed are they who are persecuted for being right, for theirs is the system of utopia.

Disparage facts and opinions that threaten your will.

Matthew 05:11

Blessed are they who are hated, punished and misrepresented for serving utopia.

Do not tolerate non-compliance to your will.

Matthew 05:12

Rejoice, for great is the reward in utopia, and be thankful for all who endured persecution for espousing it.

Hate obstacles to your objectives, and be jealous of all who were successful.



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