Why Aotearoa Is A Good Place To Live

Imagine flying to the Bottom half of New Zealand and do Snowboarding at Cardrona.  Then you drive up to the top half of New Zealand and go to 90 Mile Beach.  Also do to the sandowns then go down that massive hill.  There is also 3.2 million tourists in New Zealand. I wonder why NZ is  a good place to live.  This is Aotearoa New Zealand my country that we live in. You can pretty much do everything in New Zealand and that is why I think Aotearoa is a good place to live.#

In Aotearoa we get most of the stuff earlier than anyone else in the word because our country is what people call a testing country and we need to get everyone to come and get to New Zealand Because their is lots of stuff you can see.  There's so many sites you can see to like caperianga at the top of New Zealand a cool place to go to lots of things like the ocean clashing together trust me you will have a very very good time in New Zealand


So I can't wait to see you in New Zealand you need to come to the amzing I mean amazing views because this Is a good place to live.