1. Vanguard Studios is a facility available only for Vanguard University Communication students or students who have enrolled in a communication course that requires access. These facilities are located in the Scott Academic Center and consist of Scott 150, Scott 140, Scott 235 and the Communication Equipment Office, hereafter referred to collectively as “Vanguard Studios.” Access to Vanguard Studios is limited to faculty, staff and students who have paid their access fee for the current semester. Others may be granted visitation for the purpose of their involvement in course-related assignments.
  2. Students who bring guests for their involvement in course-related assignments must understand that they ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BEHAVIOR OF THEIR GUEST(S). Students are not allowed to leave their guests unattended at any time. Guests include any individual you allow entrance into the lab. If you open the door for a stranger, they are considered your guest. Do not open the door for students you do not know. Use of the computer lab and printer is restricted to faculty, staff, and students who have paid their access fee for the current semester, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.
  3. Giving another student who does not:
  1. Currently have ACCESS your entry card,
  2. Currently have ACCESS the ability to print or printing for them,
  3. Currently have ACCESS the ability to use your equipment,
  4. Currently have ACCESS an open door to enter the studios

is grounds for suspension from Vanguard Studios, including Scott 150, and referral to Student Life.

  1. The use of the Studios is a privilege, not a right.
  2. Treat your fellow students with respect. We all share this space and help maintain it through the Access fee.  To create a healthy environment for all, the following rules must be observed:
  1. No outside guests or strangers are allowed to use computers or printers. Report non-Comm students/unauthorized individuals immediately to the workers in the Equipment office (if after hours, call Campus Safety)
  2. No Food or Drink in Scott 150, the downstairs Studios, or the computer area in the upstairs Lab. Coffee and water are allowed in the coffee bar area and conference room. If you spill, clean up after yourself immediately. Paper towels and cleaning supplies can be found under the coffee bar.
  3. Supplies and extras, such as coffee/K-cups, cleaning supplies, scissors, paper, graphic design supplies, computer mice and keyboards, and more, are for use in the Studios only. Taking any of these items out of the Studios constitutes stealing, and will be treated as such. Students seen removing items will be fined the retail cost of that item and reported to Student Life for disciplinary action. Students will also lose their access privileges.
  4. Respect the furniture. Do not move larger items of furniture, such as sofas. If armchairs, benches or stools need to be moved, then pick up the item and move it carefully. Put it back when you are done. Do not drag, yank, kick or stand on furniture. If you need to put your feet up to be comfortable, use a stool. Make it your goal to leave furniture intact and clean for the next person. If a piece of furniture breaks, report it immediately so it can be fixed.
  5. Be respectful of requests for quiet. Use headphones when editing, listening to music or watching videos. If you are working with a group, use the conference room or consider moving outside.
  6. Be a person of character. Stress can run high, so be kind to each other. Speak up if someone is being bullied or treated unfairly. Clean up after yourself. Report non-functioning computers and missing resources immediately so they can be fixed and replenished. Help make the Studios a safe and functional place for all. 
  1. Equipment Checkout and Vanguard Studios use is limited to:

Vanguard Communication faculty, staff and students who are currently enrolled in a Vanguard Cinema/Digital Production or Communication Studies class and have:

  1. Signed and returned the Vanguard Studios Access Agreement
  2. Paid their access fee for the semester
  3. Have not been suspended from the Studios due to conduct

  1. Be prepared to show a valid VU ID card for all equipment transactions. Students are responsible for completing the Vanguard Studios Access Agreement and for paying their access fee for the semester BEFORE requesting equipment. If you have not completed these steps, you can expect a delay in getting equipment.
  2. Equipment use is restricted to current students who have access privileges. If you are caught loaning equipment to others or allowing persons without access privileges to use equipment that you checked out, you may have your access privileges revoked. This is to avoid having students with access privileges used as a means of free equipment rental by outside groups or individuals. All equipment operators using equipment owned by the department should be current faculty, staff or students with access privileges.
  3. Equipment and Facility use is allocated each semester depending on the courses being offered. Certain courses may reserve equipment and/or facility suites for instructional use during the semester. SOME ITEMS ARE RESTRICTED to class instruction or to advanced students who have received training and permission to use this equipment.
  1. Reservations for equipment must be made online at vucomm.me 
  2. Equipment may be reserved up to four weeks in advance of the check out time. Students are responsible for canceling or amending time/date changes for reservations.
  3. Reservations for equipment in high demand will be restricted for equal opportunity access. For example, If you have a camera checked out on Monday, you may not be able to reserve it for check out on Tuesday. 
  1. Equipment is only available for checkout Monday-Thursday for 24 hour periods. Friday checkouts must occur before noon and must be returned by Monday before noon.
  2. You must have received training on equipment before you are authorized to  borrow that equipment. You cannot reserve equipment that you have not  been trained on and have not been authorized to check out.
  3. You must have your valid Vanguard ID card only (no other forms of  identification are valid), your reservation confirmation, and already be authorized for the equipment you wish to borrow.
  4. Equipment must be reserved before checkout. Equipment will be ready for  you at your assigned checkout time.
  5. All equipment that is checked out must be thoroughly inspected by you before you leave the facility. You will be held responsible for all missing /  damaged parts, even if you did not misplace or damage the equipment.  Inspect the equipment before you take it!
  6. Check to make sure that your equipment is working properly before you leave the equipment area. You will be held responsible for all non-working equipment.
  7. While checking out equipment, pay close attention to the return time. The return time is recorded in our database. It is your responsibility to know when your equipment is due and to return it on time.
  1. Equipment is to be returned in the same condition it was checked out in. This means all equipment should be returned in its case and with all accessories, in neat and proper order, all cables should be coiled and tied, all surfaces should be clear of tape, and absolutely no equipment will be accepted if it is wet or dirty!
  2. You are responsible for the equipment you have checked out. If a piece of   equipment is stolen, lost, or returned damaged, broken, or with missing parts, you will be held financially liable and will be billed for the cost of its  replacement, including shipping and handling costs. The university only covers damage in excess of $3,000.
  3. Equipment should NEVER be left unattended. Return equipment before going to lunch, dinner or class. Never lend your equipment to anyone else. You will be held liable for any damage or problems that occur on your checkout.
  4. You remain responsible for a piece of equipment until it is re-entered into our database.
  5. Leaving equipment near the Equipment Office, in the Communication Office, with a professor, with another student, or in the Studios, Lab or Scott 150 does not constitute a "return." You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the Equipment Office and the Student Worker schedule. If you do leave a piece of equipment unattended and it is damaged or stolen, you will be held liable.
  6. If equipment is found abandoned, you will be charged a $50.00 fine in addition to any late fees.
  1. Late fees will be assessed for equipment not returned at the time and date  shown in the checkout database. Failure to respond promptly to a late equipment notice will result in a loss of privileges. This may impair class standing.
  2. Late Fees are assessed as $5 fee per hour when returning the same day, or $50 per day starting the next business day. No exceptions. Fees will be assessed effective immediately, not allowing you to reserve or check out any additional equipment until fees are paid.
  3. Equipment returned 15 minutes after the time specified on an agreement will  begin to accrue late fees. Equipment that is not returned before the Equipment Office  closing time on the date of return will be charged a $50 daily late fee.
  4. If equipment is returned late on three separate occasions in the same semester the student will be barred from further checkout of media equipment for a period of time equal to one full semester. Failure to respond to a late notice within 24 hours may also result in a loss of privileges.
  5. Late fees are payable in cash or added to your student bill. If you must write a  check, make payable to Vanguard University with a memo fine of "Vanguard  Studios late fee." No credit cards.
  6. There will be no rebuttal for any student regarding late fees. The above procedures are final notice.
  7. If a piece of equipment is damaged while checked out to you, you will be held   responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of the item up to $3,000.
  8. If you do not pay the fees posted to your account, you will not be allowed to  checkout equipment, and you may be denied access to Vanguard Studios, in addition, you may be remanded to the Provost and / or a collection agency if  payment is delinquent for more than 30 days.
  1. You are legally responsible for your actions inside the studios, during production, for the content that you produce, and for the manner and means by which you choose to distribute your content, i.e. film festivals, youtube.com, etc.
  2. Students are not allowed to move, alter or rewire any computer, peripheral device, or furniture inside Vanguard Studios without permission.
  3. Students accept responsibility for personal items brought into the Studios. Vanguard Studios will not be held responsible for any missing, misplaced, or stolen items.