Hollymead Inclement Weather Policy- revised February, 2014

The pool manager or Head Lifeguard on duty is responsible for making and implementing all decisions regarding weather.

If there is rain that is hard enough to obscure the bottom of the pool, the pool must be cleared.  In the event of thunder or lightning, the pool and deck will be cleared. ("If you can hear it (thunder), Clear it (suspend activities)."  The guards will blow their whistle alerting patrons clear the deck.  Everyone should immediately leave the pool and the surrounding area, seeking shelter inside their homes or in a fully enclosed metal vehicle with the windows up.  

The deck and surrounding area will remain cleared for 30 minutes after the last observed lightning or thunder as determined by the pool manager or Head Lifeguard on Duty and he/she will maintain the elapsed time after lightning.  A whistle will be blown to signal when it is safe to return to the pool area.

In the event of lightning/thunder:
*AVOID* waiting under tall trees, umbrellas, or near electric power lines.
*AVOID* use of showers or other contact with water
*AVOID* use of the telephone
*AVOID* contact with metal objects

JSL Meet Inclement Weather Procedures
Any Hollymead lifeguard, home or visiting Meet Director, coach, or Meet Referee that observes thunder or lightning is to report it to the pool manager or Head Lifeguard on Duty. In the event of inclement weather during a JSL meet, the Head Lifeguard on duty or pool manager is responsible for making the decision to clear the deck. The Head Lifeguard on duty is responsible for keeping elapsed time after thunder and or lightning and for allowing the deck to reopen. The pools must remain cleared until 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning is observed.