Whainga ako: Understand what we are reading by using strategies of visual clues.

Whainga mahi:

-read with a buddy “Cyclone Tokotoru”

-make a copy of your mahi in your “Panui folder” and then complete.

Circle the word that tells you what the picture is.

Seven, 7, Number, Design, ...serene                  seven                  siren               silence

Couch, Furniture, Sofa         couch                coach                count               clutch

Cyclone, Forward, Hurricane ...          cycling                     cycle                    cyclone                  

... landscape, nature, night, ...       knight                    night             nite

... train geograph-2791492-by- ...    tram                 track                    trailer              train

Jigsaw, Puzzle, Pastel ...       jug              jigsaw                   jig

Round Frame 33               round               rotate             rock                  rose

Finish the sentences - circle the right answers:

1. He put the phone ______________  and turned to me.

Side  /    down  /  over  /  under

2. After school on Friday, we ______________ off to Kuia’s.

Skipped  /  headed  /  walked  /  crawled

3.  Maybe the ____________ forecast got it wrong, I thought.

People  /  weather  /  man  /  woman

4.  We kissed kuia and ___________ into the lounge.

Went  /  smiled  /  happy  /  after

5.  Kuia came in ______________.

Sunny  /  weather  /  laughing  /  hot

6.  Dad poked his head ___________ the door.

In  /  round  /  through  /  side

Read text and fill in the missing kupu:

After school _on______ Friday, we headed off to ___kuas_______. When we ______________, the

sun was setting against a fiery red __sky________. Kuia always say’s “Red sky at _nigt_________ -

Sheppard’s delight”. I thought __about__________ what dad has said about the cyclone

_______tokotoru__________. Maybe _the_______ weather forecast __got_______ it wrong, I thought.

There wasn’t a single drop of ___________ that whole weekend - but Kuia says cyclone

Tokotoru ___________ be back. I reckon _________ might be right.

Which word means the same - circle the correct answer:

1. He put the phone down and turned to me.

Looked  /  twist /  shake  /  smell

2.  He was smiling.

Frown  /  laugh  /  jump  /  skip

3.  After school on Friday, we headed off to Kuia’s.

Went  /  shot  /  rode  /  ran

4.  Maybe the weather forecast got it wrong, I thought.

Elements  /  sun  / rain  /  hot

5.  Before long, the toy boxes were empty.

Clear  /   full  /  fall  /  over