Working Wisely with Unhappiness, Depression, Anxiety and Difficult Moods


This worksheet offers an opportunity to increase your awareness of what happens for you when difficult moods appear. The aim is, carefully and with curiosity, to investigate the thoughts, feelings, body sensations and patterns of behaviour that tell you that your mood is starting to drop.

What triggers difficult mood states for you?

Triggers can be external (Things that happen to you of internal (e.g., thoughts, feelings, memories, concerns). Look out for small triggers as well as large ones - sometimes something that appears trivial can spark a downward mood spiral.

What sort of thoughts run through your mind when you first feel your mood dropping?

What emotions arise?

What happens in your body?

What do you do, or feel like doing?

Are there any old habits of thinking or behaviour that might unwittingly keep you stuck in mood states (e.g., ruminating, trying to suppress or turn away from painful thoughts and feelings, struggling with it instead of accepting and exploring it)?