There’s a monster under my bed

My back was shivering i was scared i could not talk because the monster will get me. My face was sweating I heard the sharpening of claws and suddenly it stopped then it went back on It sounded like it was far away and then it was coming closer and closer and then it slid under my bed I felt a bump.I heard chomping of teeth his mouth

 where chattering but then the monster got me I was screaming. mum help the monster was to quick I was scared.

He was scared he wanted to get up to go to

his mum but he  was  stayed in bed because of the monster.

I was running around my house I ran to my mum I said  to my  mum theres a monster under my bed.

  I sprinted out of my room as fast as a cheetah my heart was beating from slowly to medium to fast to very very fast I screamed I was sweating like I was in the sea I was so terrified that I ran through the walls to outside.where is he said ben thats my name if you didn’t know that ha ha ahhhhhhh he is chasing me.

ahhhhhhh I don’t know what to do I can’t hurt the monster but it was my only chance so I hurt the monster

I hurt the monster it vanished.

   ahhhhhhh the monster is on my

back mum dad theres the monster ahhhhhhh weres the monster it

is under the bed mum and dad look under the bed, I went by mum and dad

it stared at me mum dad we went ahhhhhhh then it

got out under the bed it went out the door then went in mum and dads

room ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then it went by my sister door

while my sister was sleeping it went in to my sisters

we went in and she got up she went ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! then we went

ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! so we ran as fast as we can to get help from the phone I called the police so they could get the monster.

 The monster was invisible  the police did not see the monster.

By Kaspar,Anthony,Tyra-leigh