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T3 Week 2

28 July 2014

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Dear Parents/Caregivers and friends of Room 1,

I am sure you will all be aware by now that Mrs Gomm and I are teaching Room 1. I have returned from my holiday and am raring to go! I am well rested and refreshed and I have trust your child is all ready to learn as well. Many thanks to Mrs Gomm for holding the fort last week. I know her passions are Writing and Mathematics and it was with great pleasure that I see published work from last week already adorning our class. Ka pai Room 1 and Mrs Gomm!

Mrs Gomm and I both have a deep belief that all children can learn and therefore they can all learn mathematics. Learning how to learn is as important as learning itself and we will be talking to your children lots about this aspect of learning.

Our Senior Syndicate newsletter on Monday talked about Fair Play, Space unit study and Parent Interviews. Please read that newsletter for details.


All students have Home-learning every week. Please check on Monday that they have it at home and that it is returned on Friday for marking.

We are starting a reading challenge this week and students will be encouraged to read everynight and log this towards their goal.So please encourage them to read during the weeknd too and as we say in our syndicate...

“Whoever does the thinking

does the learning”


This week the students will be upd[1]ating their blog. They have work from term 2 that needs to be on there and I will be giving them some other blogging tasks to do independently.

Please encourage your child to work on their blog if they have internet access at home - I’m sure you’ll agree that it is a far more productive venture than digital game-playing.

Class Website:

I have created a class website for us all to use. I have timetables and weekly plans on it so you can see what we are up to. I will update this every week.

The link for the webpage is at the top of this newsletter.

For those of you without internet access at home, please come into the class before school or at 3.00pm and get your child to show you the webpage - and our class blog as well.

This webpage will change and grow as we move through the term - so visit it often.

Commenting on Blogs:

Did you get the fridge magnet last term? The Student Council did a grand job of making these. I hope they are in pride of place in your home.

One way you can support your child’s digital learning is to comment on their blog. Please, please, please make some time to do this. It really means a lot to your child and provides them with important feedback. It will encourage them to continue to blog and grow their digital skills.

If you did not get a magnet or info sheet please let me know and I’ll get one to you asap.

You can contact us by email: 

Spotlight on Learning: Descriptive Writing

My Mandarin

The orange, squishy, kidney shaped mandarin.

Cold faint veins.

Small, skinny, juicy fruit.

Bumpy feeling.

My mandarin.

By Melea

My Kiwifruit 

Soft to chew,

juicy to eat

Bumpy, lumpy, small, fuzzy.

Green like the grass.

Healthy and juicy to eat.

My kiwifruit 

by Ryland

Copy of my lemon  (1).png

Yours in learning

Cheryl Torrie & Sherryl Gomm

Room 1 Teachers

[1] <>