Potting Soils

KOM•PLETE Potting Mix and LIGHT MIX Greenhouse Blend

Compost-based soilless mixes made from various blends of humus peat,

sphagnum peat, KOMPOST-1, perlite, log rinse soil, and/or coarse sand.



Cubic Yard, Loose Bulk


Cubic Yard, Loose Bulk


Cubic Yard, 1 1/2" Screened


Cubic Yard, Loose,

or 2 cu. ft. bag


2 cu. ft. Bag (¼" Only)


2 cu. ft. bag (¼" Only)

NP MIX is our latest introduction, and was very well received by nearly all who grew trials with it. It is similar to our LIGHT MIX in all but two ways: NP stands for "no phosphate" in the compost used as a plant food ingredient. The downside to not adding phosphate to the compost is that the loss of both nitrogen and carbon were significantly higher, resulting in the need for a nitrogenous additive. We add blood meal for this, and the result is actually better nitrogen feeding for seedling with a similar content in the mix. Phosphorous levels are lower, but not so as to affect even sensitive crops. This product meets the National Standards for "USDA ORGANIC" certified growers, as well as MOFGA and NOFA standards


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The following affidavit contains ingredients lists and processes which Living Acres considers exclusive and proprietary. This information is released for the sole use of USDA – National Organic Program accredited certifiers, and any unauthorized publication, oral or written, will be considered a legal violation against Living Acres. It is necessary that an accredited certifier have access to this information to determine whether Living Acres’ products described below are approved for use by USDA Certified Organic growers. Subject to the National Organic Program Rule, the undersigned declares that no false or misleading information is contained herein.

NP COMPOST contains the following ingredients:

Hen manure

Dairy manure

Hardwood shavings and sawdust

Turkey slaughter waste

Occasionally may also include:


Plant residues (garden waste and weeds)

Gypsum and/or elemental sulfur (to inhibit nitrogen loss from the compost)

The composting process consists of static forced air; piles are in bays under cover, and temperature and time requirements as prescribed by NOP Rule § 205.203(c)(2)(i) and(ii) are consistently exceeded. Records are kept regarding temperature and dates which verify compliance with the Rule.

NP MIX contains the following ingredients:

Humus peat moss (fine textured, very dark brown)

Sphagnum peat moss


Horticultural perlite

Blood meal (12­0­0)

The ingredients are blended, cured, screened, and bagged. Besides our own brand name, we will also package the same material for Johnny’s Selected Seeds under their own private label.

This affidavit is on file with NOFA-NH and MOFGA.