Home Access Center User’s Guide

Requests for user name and password should be made via email to:  jfiorini@bernardsboe.com.

To access the HAC system:

If you experience difficulty with your user name/password, please be aware that both are case sensitive.  Please distinguish between the letter “I” and the number one, the letter “O” and the number zero, upper and lower case letters.

Acceptable web browsers for Home Access Center:

*Only the home phone number for any/all contacts will be displayed in The Home Access Center system.  Cell phone and work phone numbers will not be displayed.  

PLEASE NOTE:  At the end of the school year, report cards will be available until the middle of July, before the system rolls over to the next school year.  It is recommended that you print report cards for your records.  Once the system rollover occurs, report cards will no longer be available.  

If corrections/updates are required for your student’s demographic information please notify the district registrar at mvitiello@bernardsboe.com.