As individual as fingerprints

Begs to be read aloud--reader can't wait to share it

Uses voices as a tool to enhance meaning

Passionate, vibrant, electric, compelling


Original--definitely distinctive

A good "read aloud" candidate

Voice appealing and well-suited to topic/audience

Spontaneous, lively, expressive, enthusiastic


Sparks of individuality

Reader might want to read a line or two aloud

Voice fades at times--acceptable for topic/audience

Pleasant, sincere, emerging, earnest


Voice emerges sporadically, but it is not strong or distinctive

There may be one "share-aloud" moment present

Voice is often distant, not always directed to audience

Quiet, subdued, restrained, inconsistent


Writer seems to be in hiding

A hint of voice--text not ready for sharing

Voice faint, OR, not right for the audience/purpose

Distant, encyclopedic, OR, inappropriately informal


No sense of the person behind the words

Reader feels no invitation to share text aloud

No apparent engagement with topic or concern for audience


Remember that having depth of knowledge

about your topic will lead to your feeling confident as you write…

and that will have a HUGE effect on the voice in your writing!