Carter Lake Elementary Language Policy

School language philosophy 

At Carter Lake Elementary, we believe that language is the foundation for all learning and understanding. Language is an integral part of social interaction, self expression and effective communication. We believe that every adult within our school community is a teacher of language and that families have an opportunity to support and help build language development, through rich literacy experiences at home.  Language is best developed in an environment which includes modeling, sharing and demonstrating language tasks commonly expected in real world settings. The primary language of instruction at Carter Lake is English. However, all students have the opportunity to learn an additional language. We believe that the acquisition of more than one language enriches personal development and helps promote international mindedness.  

School language profile

Diversity of language needs

Carter Lake Elementary has a population of approximately 430 students.  8% have a Mother Tongue other than English.  Languages spoken by students at school include English, Spanish and Swahili.

Languages used for teaching in and out of school

All students at Carter Lake Elementary are instructed in American English using the Common Core State Standards.

Language of communication from school        

All school to home communication is available in English and in Spanish.

School has access via telephone to translators in all languages mentioned above.  The district has a Spanish translator available to meet with families, in person, via email and by phone.

The library includes materials in both English and Spanish.

Current practice related to language teaching: 

The Common Core State Standards will be used to support students in their acquisition of language, reading and writing. Teachers and students co-construct anchor charts to develop and learn spelling, phonics, vocabulary and writing references.  Students also learn patterns and rules of language usage in school. Students will use both physical and virtual resources to facilitate language development.

Students receive twice-weekly instruction in Spanish using the same instructional skills and processes as taught in the classroom.

English Language Learners

Language Policy Review

The Carter Lake Leadership team will review and update the language policy on an annual basis.

Updated May 2019