Welcome to the Team Room Walkthrough

In this activity, you will be walking through the creation, joining, and experience of a conference call. We have a series of tasks to make your experience more goal-oriented. We also want you to keep in mind that Team Room is designed for professionals who work on teams and generally have conference calls in order to communicate about and/or collaboratively engage in the work the team has to do, so try to put yourself in the shoes of such a person if you can.

Design a Conference/Meeting

You’ve already started an iCal to invite your coworkers to the meeting for budget review. You would like to link directly to the calling service.

You’re now in the Design window of Team Room. Please name your meeting, list an agenda item for this budget review meeting, and attach the budget file. You may choose whether or not you would like notes to be sent to you following the meeting. 

Join Your Meeting by Entering the Lobby

Before your meeting starts, there will be a reminder that you need to join in. When you see this reminder, join the meeting, name yourself, test your audio and video, and enter the team room.

Create a New Agenda Item

Once you enter the room, you know that you need to talk about why the dinosaurs became extinct later in your meeting to ensure that your company budget does not meet the fate of the dinosaurs. Add an agenda item now to make sure that gets covered during the meeting. [Please note: at this time you can only add one agenda item within the call]

Complete an Agenda Item

After your fascinating talk about dinosaurs, you’ve realized that your company needs to build an asteroid defense system in order to keep the budget from being destroyed. Make sure everybody else in the meeting knows that the “talking about why the dinosaurs became extinct” agenda item has been completed. [Please note: at this time you can only add one agenda item within the call]

Open the Budget

In order to build that asteroid defense system to protect the budget, it needs to be in the budget. You should open the budget, review the items there (perhaps commenting or highlighting various points of the budget), and add the new line item for the rest of the group to see.

Add Another File

In discussion over the new line item, someone asks about the likelihood of an asteroid hitting earth in the near future. Conveniently, you had just finished the spreadsheet on these probabilities, so you add the file to your call, making it accessible for discussion.

Focus on a User

Pip, a PETA member, is very distressed over the budget item around hamster-driven warp drives. You want to focus on his face so you can address him more directly. You put him on the White Board.

Once he is finished ranting, you need to get back to looking at the budget.

Post Link in Chat

All this talk of hamsters reminds you of the hamster-powered hacks you’ve watched on YouTube. Sensing the need for levity in the meeting, but also making a point about hamster happiness when scurrying doing useful work, you decide to post a link in the chat to share with everyone.

Show your progress

Suppose you have been really enjoying this meeting, and starting writing some code on the side so you can demo it. Share your screen so others can see what you accomplished.

Once everyone fawns over your code for a bit, stop showing what you were working on and return to the main interface.

What about John?

You forgot to add John and others to the call! Add those teammates by sending them a new message with the meeting link to the required users.

Leave the Conference

The conference has drawn to a close. Leave the call.