Welcome to Cambridge and County Bowling Club

Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge, CB2 8FG, Tel: 01223 353615 

Cambridge and County Bowling Club offers all year round bowling through having both Indoor and Outdoor Lawn green bowls facilities at its home in Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge.

Come and Join us: If you want all year round bowls join both sections. If it’s only Indoor or only Outdoor bowls you’re looking for just join that section.

Outdoor Bowls take place during the summer season (Late April until September) with activities including participation in local bowls leagues, internal club competitions, friendlies and open drives.

Indoor Bowls takes place over the winter season (September to April) with the club running several internal leagues, annual competitions and competes against other Indoor bowls clubs.

Looking to be competitive: As well as competing in club competitions many members choose to enter the annual local league competitions which regularly has lead to club members playing in county and national finals.

Representation: The club regularly has its players representing the county (Bowls Cambridgeshire) in intercounty league, cup and friendly matches.

Hosting: The club greens and facilities have been made available to hold representative county league and competitions matches as well as for local league competitions semi and finals day matches.