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Used Dan insurance, has satisfied health insurance requirements everywhere Across South Pacific, no questions asked.

Dan was originally scuba diving insurance, has now developed a boaters division

Posted by: Norman Facey <>


Sail twice around

I don’t think you can do better than through Luis Soltero at Global Marine Networks

We used their service for 10 years in the Caribbean for weather and E-mail via Iridium.  It never skipped a beat.  Luis is a former cruiser so he knows what cruisers need and don’t need.  He gets it.  

Glenn Tuttle - Moderator

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I’ve not known an insurance company to comment on a liferaft, at least in my experience. And no one in Mexico, South Pacific will even ask if you have a raft. I think it's more a matter of satisfying yourself that a given liferaft is satisfactory; I'm not aware of any legal requirements for recreational vessels in the US. No one anywhere in Latin America cared about my life raft, nor did the French Polynesian authorities. No idea what underwriters think.

I have a Viking raft -- I think the RescYou 4-person model, deck mounted in a shell or container. For what it's worth, when I've had the raft repacked the interior was in tip-top shape in all respects. I've never had to deploy it <whew> so I have no idea how it performs in real-world conditions. Again for what it's worth, one sees Viking rafts on many commercial vessels.

Suggest also getting a ditch bag and the usual emergency stuff to go in it if you don't already have one, to supplement the kit that will be

packed in your new life raft.


s/v Cynosure

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