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Private Lessons with Coach Caroline at the SCC (Salem Community Center)

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Cancellation Policy

Lesson Policies

Scheduling Directions

Rescheduling Directions

To Schedule:

Please utilize the online scheduling service at: 

All lessons are to be scheduled by the client on the online scheduling service and are first-come, first-served.

Special Abilities

Any person with a documented special ability (with submitted paperwork) qualifies for the Special Abilities rate.

Click HERE to see qualifying documents and to electronically submit your paperwork.

Prices for Coach Caroline

Prices effective Sept 1, 2017


Piranha Aquatics Family

(Special Abilities)


Single Lesson




  • Lessons scheduled less than 4 at a time or not purchased with package deal

4-lesson package







  • Purchase 4 lessons up front
  • Must use in 3 months time
  • Unused lessons go to a swimmer in need

Monthly Tuition Option







  • Billed automatically each month on the 1st
  • Minimum of 3 months before cancellation can occur
  • Up to parent to schedule and keep 4 lessons per month.  No carry overs month to month unless instructor cancels        
  • Must cancel by 15th of month to not be billed for next month

Cancellation Policy

Due to lane rental requirements by the SCC, the following policy will be in effect for cancellations:  

  1. Lessons cancelled prior to 24 hours of the lesson will be rescheduled with no penalty to the client.
  2. Lessons cancelled before 10 am the day of lesson can be rescheduled with instructor permission at no penalty to the client
  3. Lessons cancelled after 2 pm the day of the lesson will count as a lesson.
  4. Lessons cancelled due to instructor illness or inclement weather will be rescheduled with no penalty to the client.  
  5. Instructor reserves the right to terminate future lessons with a client if more than 3 ‘no‐call, no‐shows’ or 3 “day of”  cancellations occur, or for non‐payment.

Lesson Policies

  1. Cancellations made by the instructor will need to be rescheduled by the client (there will not be a penalty for this type of cancellation).
  2. Lessons may be rescheduled if a conflict arises; please just utilize the service to reschedule your lessons.
  3. No refunds. You can donate unused lessons to a child in need if you cannot fulfill your paid lessons.
  4. Is it OK to tag you on Facebook?  YES! Nothing makes me happier than when I login to facebook and I get to see pictures, videos, and posts of your kids swimming and having a great time in the water.  If you take video and would like me to possibly utilize it for future marketing, please email  it to me.  (Videos need to be taken with phones turned horizontally)
  5. Do we have to be members of the SCC? No. I am not employed by the SCC. I rent the water from them, so the price is the same regardless of your membership at the SCC.
  6. Long-Hair: Please tie longer hair that can get into the face into a ponytail before hopping in the pool.
  7. Swimsuits: Please make sure your child’s suit is secure on their body.
  8. Start and End Time of Lessons: Please note that your time with me starts and ends on time, and I am scheduled back-to-back with no breaks between lessons. If you are late, that will be counted as part of your lesson time.  I make every effort to run on time, every day.    
  9. Discussing your child: As an instructor, you are paying me to work with your child for 30 minutes.  I make every effort to give your child my complete attention for their allotted time.  
  1. I am happy (and willing!) to discuss your child or whatever questions you have, but I prefer to give your child my utmost attention during our lesson.  When parents interrupt the lesson to ask questions it is distracting to me as an instructor and disrupts my focus on your child.  I want your child to get the most they can from each and every lesson.  
  2. If you have questions or need to talk with me, please let me know at the beginning of the lesson so I can adjust the pacing of the lesson.  I will set aside the last 5 minutes of your time to chat with you while your child has free play time.  Otherwise, we will need to set up a time to chat when I am off the pool deck, as I have another lesson or practice immediately after your lesson.

Scheduling Directions


  1.  Create a user name.  The system will e‐mail you a link to set a password.  
  2. Login
  3. Update your profile: Go into Settings: (The Gear)
  1. Enter your client information 
  2. Enter information regarding your children.
  3. If you use Google Calendar, enter your information.  When you book a lesson (from now on)  it will automatically go on your calendar!

After that, you can see when your instructor is available and book by lesson.  

Please book by child, especially if the child has special needs as the SCC needs to know your name in order to bill me correctly for lane rent.

Please note: The price listed in the service is the single lesson rate.  Billing will reflect any package or tuition discounts.

I need to reschedule.  What do I do?

Please ASK ME if you need help with the service; I am happy to teach you if you need help.

Caroline McDermott  ⬧ 234-567-1010 ⬧ ⬧The best thank-you are facebook tags and referrals to your friends :)