Record Keeping

The Library will retain employee records sufficient to meet all legal requirements binding upon it.  A personnel file for each employee will be maintained and kept as a permanent record except where superseded by record retention guidelines.

Content of Personnel File

Included in the Personnel File will be the individual application for work, correspondence between the individual and the Library during the application process, supervisory evaluations, all correspondence and notifications concerning disciplinary matters or personnel grievances, all correspondence and notifications regarding promotions and transfers, and such other papers as the the Director deems appropriate.

Privacy of and Access to Personnel Files

Personnel files are to remain private.  Only the Director and the Board of Trustees are authorized to review or remove materials in the employee’s personnel file.  The employee may request access to his/her file from the Library Director.  The Director will grant the request, and at a mutually agreeable time, show the employee the file, at which time the Director will always be present.  The employee may petition the Regional Board to remove documents by requesting through the Director for consideration at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting.


Policy’s Procedural Implementation

Separate personnel files are not to be retained at branch locations.  All personnel paperwork must be forwarded to Headquarters for filing.