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Middle School Digital Citizenship Video Playlist

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Digital Citizenship Independent Activity


Websites and pages

BISD Responsible Use Policy

BISD Bullying/CyberBullying & Internet Safety

BISD Digital Citizenship Additional Resources

BISD Digital Citizenship Week Announcements

Common Sense Education: Digital Literacy & Citizenship Classroom Curriculum

Creative Commons Licenses Explained In Plain English

Digital Citizenship for Middle School Students: Google Search Results 

Digital Citizenship Week: 6 Resources for Educators

Google Digital Citizenship Resources

Tips for students to manage their Digital Footprint


Be a Digital Citizen

Common Sense Media: Digital Citizenship Video Collection

Digital Citizenship for Middle School Students: YouTube Search Results 

Middle School Digital Citizenship (YouTube Playlist):

Privacy Student Intro: Your Digital Footprint

Teaching Channel: Digital Literacy (48 videos)

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Digital Citizenship Independent Activity

In any class:

  1. View these 2 short YouTube clips: Be a Digital Citizen & Your Digital Footprint
  2. Complete this Digital Citizenship Survey (using cell phones, laptops, desktops, projectors, etc.) individually, in small groups, or as a class (using average answers). Here's a short link for sharing the survey
  3. Discuss as a class or in groups, any questions or comments regarding the survey

  **To view survey results from Mar 2014 for comparison, right-click here and choose ‘Open in new window’**