Sociology – Theoretical Perspectives


  1. True or False:  Functionalism is the oldest and most dominant theoretical perspective in sociology.
  2. Functionalism is basically a simple analogy comparing a living __________________ to __________________.
  3. True or False:  Functionalism emphasizes the application of the scientific method to make sociology objective.
  4. What is value-free?
  5. Name one early sociologist associated with functionalism.
  6. Functionalism emphasizes the role of social institutions in the survival of society.  For example, functionalists analyze the role of religion and its integral part of society just like a ____________ is an integral part of the body.  Without each one, society, or the body, would die.
  7. “. . . functionalists have tended to be less concerned with the ways in which individuals can control their own destiny than with the ways in which the ________________ imposed by society make individual behavior scientifically predictable.
  8. What is an example of a manifest function of society?
  9. What is an example of a latent function of society?

Symbolic Interactionism

  1. List two sociologists associated with symbolic interactionism.
  2. True or False: Symbolic interactionism is a more personal approach to analyzing human behavior than functionalism.
  3. Symbolic interactionism makes the analogy that human beings are merely “____________” on a stage playing a role.
  4. What research method do most symbolic interactionists use?
  5. True or False:  Symbolic interactionism may be a bit more subjective than functionalism.

Conflict Theory

  1. Name one prominent individual associated with the conflict theory.
  2. List and describe the two social classes in conflict with one another in a capitalist society.
  3. Why did Karl Marx believe social revolution to be inevitable?