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Robert Johnston / Kenneth Tysor, Directors

Ronald Reagan High School

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This handbook for the band program at Ronald Reagan High School has been developed to encourage students to become better musicians and more responsible band members.  The expectations of the band are clearly defined and stated.  It is expected that each student and parent associated with the band program will read this handbook carefully and know the policies and procedures of the band program.  The success of any organization is dependent on each person in the group doing his or her part to the best of his or her ability.  The concept of shared responsibility is something that each member should be willing to accept and work toward each day to ensure the success of the group.


The greatest single factor that will determine the success of any individual or organization is attitude.  The kind of person you are is an individual choice, and how you feel about something is one of the few actual independent choices you have in life.  It takes intense dedication to reach goals.  Students should learn to discipline themselves to practice fundamentals daily.  The right attitude must be present along with sincerity, concentration, and dedication as the basic foundations.  Such as attitude makes an artistic performance inevitable and is the difference between winning organization and a mediocre group.  The band can do much for you.  Make the most of it in every rehearsal and performance.


Each member must always be aware of good behavior and think for him or herself.  Any misconduct casts a bad light on the school, community, and band program.  Any member who discredits the organization by his or her conduct or actions in band, in another class, or on a trip shall be subject to dismissal from the band program or may lose privilege within the program.  This may include the chance to go on any trips.  This decision will be at the director’s discretion.  


Band members are expected to practice assigned and suggested exercises and music outside of class.  In other classes this is called homework.  In band it is called practice.  Students may choose to practice at home but they are welcome to use the school facilities to practice outside of the school day.   The instructors may ask individual students to play their part at any time.  Student practice will be monitored by the band staff and will be factored into the nine weeks grade.


Private lessons are a tremendous aid in the development of a student’s musical knowledge and playing ability.  Private lessons also improve the overall quality of the band as well as the overall ability of the individual student.  Any student interested in studying privately should talk to the band staff for recommendations of good area teachers.  A student’s chances of being selected to honors groups such as All-County, All-District and All-State Honors Band are much greater if they are meeting with a private instructor each week.  Private lessons will be available through the Reagan Private Lessons Program which will offer private instruction on nights throughout the school year.




The purpose of the Reagan Band is to educate young people through music performance.  Our time together will not be limited to simply learning about music, although that is our primary purpose.  By your involvement in these organizations you will mature as a musician, student and person.  The curriculum is cyclical in nature; while there is similarity from year to year, the comprehensive program encompasses four years of study.  Individual development of character, esteem, teamwork, leadership traits and group accomplishment can be additional rewards of participation in the band program at Ronald Reagan High School.

Our philosophy of music education is that we must create strong musicians before we can expect a strong music ensemble.  The Reagan band program places its emphasis on practicing (of course) and in-class testing, private lessons, auditions, and Honors Bands.  It is expected that each student will develop a “WE/US” philosophy, rather than the “I” or “ME” philosophy more prevalent in today’s society.  This simply means that the welfare and good of the group should be placed ahead of selfish individual wants and desires.  There will be times when everyone involved with the band program (directors, students, and parents) may have to make sacrifices to uphold their responsibility to the group.  The values of self-discipline, hard work, responsibility, and respect for others are also strongly emphasized in the Reagan band program.  Students who are unwilling to accept this type of philosophy will be unsuccessful in this band program and should pursue other areas of interest.

The Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jazz I, Jazz II, and Percussion Ensemble are offered as academic classes.  Students in these classes will receive weighted credit based on their achievement in each of these classes.  The work at times will be demanding, but also very rewarding.


Concert Bands are the foundation of the band program at Reagan.  We offer three concert band classes based on ability.  Students may take any level of band for regular academic credit OR Honors Credit.

Concert Band – This entry level band is designed for students that need more fundamental work on their instrument or for band students who want to learn a secondary instrument.

Symphonic Band – This band is comprised of 9th – 12th graders and performs level 4 and 5 literature.

Wind Ensemble – The Wind Ensemble is the most advanced band at Reagan and plays level 6 and masterworks.  The band is comprised of mostly 10th – 12th graders that qualify based on audition.


Like the concert band classes, students may take a jazz class in addition to a concert band class for regular or Honors academic credit.  The after school jazz bands are not available for class credit.  

Students must be enrolled in a concert ensemble to take a jazz ensemble.   The quality of the Reagan jazz ensembles are a reflection of this policy, as the students gain critical reading and tuning fundamentals in their concert band classes.  This allows them to focus on jazz fundamentals and quickly build a repertoire of music.  Guitarists and pianists are the only exceptions because Reagan does not offer other classes for these instruments, however these students are encouraged to take other ensembles to assist with their music fundamentals training.  

The jazz ensembles perform outside of school more than any other ensemble (other than marching band).  These performances are an expectation and failure to attend performances will result in loss of performance privileges (see attendance policy).  

Jazz II – Jazz II is an entry level class for students wishing to learn jazz or another instrument (guitar, piano, bass, etc.).

Jazz Ensemble I – The advanced Jazz Ensemble I is the premier jazz ensemble at Reagan.  Students must qualify based on audition.

Jazz Ensemble (After School) – The after school jazz ensembles meet twice a week for two hours and is open to any student enrolled in the Reagan band program.  They perform at community events and MPA. 


The Marching Band of Raiders is the largest marching band is the county with 140 members.  The band performs at all home and away football games, competes successful at regional contests, and performs in other events including the National Independence Day Parade in 2014 and the London New Year’s Day Parade in 2016.   Students may receive a half-academic credit (regular and honors) for marching band!

Musicians (not colorguard) must be enrolled in a band class to participate.  No exceptions.

For more information on the marching Band of Raiders, see the section on marching band starting at section 27.




1.1 With a large organization like the Reagan Band program, communication is essential to knowing what is going on.  The directors communicate weekly to parents via email and the school website, and knowing how to receive these communications is very important.  

1.2 Upon finishing the band handbook, please go to the band webpage ( to complete the online contract and information.  The contact information is very important when dealing with communication in the band program.  Please make sure that this information is filled out correctly.  

1.3 The weekly “Band Updates” emails contain information such as when Mr. Johnston is free for help and test retakes, after school events, upcoming events, and other logistics.  These emails are also copied and pasted onto the band website.


2.1  Students receive a printed schedule of events at the beginning of the year.  Students are expected to mark these events in their calendar so that there is no question about any dates.

2.2  The most accurate calendar is the online calendar found on the band website, or  Because these are Google calendars, you may subscribe to these calendars.  

2.3  Jazz Ensemble “gigs” are performances for the community that are often scheduled after the printed calendar goes home.  Students in the Jazz Ensemble are expected to be flexible and do everything they can to make sure they are available for every jazz gig.  

2.4  On the rare occasion that an event is moved or rescheduled, it will be sent out in various emails, letters home, and changed on the online calendar.  Please make sure you keep up with these communications to avoid confusion.


3.1 Everyone

Instrument (in good playing condition)
Black three-ring binder (for band packet)
A pencil
Tuner or tuner app on smartphone for practice at home.
Metronome or metronome app on smartphone for practice at home.
All band music, band books, scale sheets, etc…

3.2 Wind Players

Appropriate accessories (reeds, oils, sticks, etc…)
Saxophones and clarinets have at least 4 reeds, oboes/bassoons have at least 2.

3.3 Percussion

A pair of general snare sticks
A pair of general timpani mallets
A pair of rubber xylophone mallets, Musser Blue or Musser Green
A pair of yarn mallets, DS 15 or DS 18
A stick bag
(All these can be purchased as a set from any local music store.  You DO NOT need to repurchase any of these items if you already own them).
Pitch Pipe

3.4 Reagan Band Packet

Each student will receive a band packet for their specific instrument.  These packets include everything a student needs to be successful including a fingering chart, scales, chorales, exercises used in class, rhythm sheets, articles on care and maintenance of the student’s instrument, and other important documents.  Please do not lose this packet, as they require a great amount of time to put together.


4.1 Mouthpieces

Clarinet Van Doren 5 RV Lyre Mouthpiece,
Saxophone Selmer C*, Vandoren AL3, Eugene Rousseau NC4
Trumpet Bach 5C, 3C, 1 or 1.5C
Trombone Bach 5G or 4G, Schilke 51 or 51D
Tuba Helleberg 120S, Bach 18

4.2 Instruments (Intermediate and Professional Models)

Piccolo Yamaha YPC62
Flute Yamaha 684 H, Jupiter Di Medici, Altus
Clarinet Buffet R-13
Oboe Loree or Fox 400
Bassoon Fox Renard 220 or 222
Saxophone Selmer Superaction 80 Series II or III, Yamaha Custom
Trumpet Bach Stadivarius
Horn Paxman M20 or Holton 179
Trombone Bach 42B, BO, or Edwards
Euphonium Yamaha 321-S or Willson
Tuba St. Petersburg or Miraphone 191 or 187


5.1 The band owns a limited number of instruments which are available for those students who do not play their own instrument.  An Instrument Loan Contract should be filled out and signed by the student and his/her parents at the beginning of the school year if the student will be playing a school owned instrument.  A loan deposit will be assigned based on the monetary value of the instrument played.  These funds are due upon the return of the contract to the director and will be deposited into the band account.  The deposit amount will not be refunded at the end of the year.  This money will be used for regular maintenance and chemically cleaning each school owned instrument at the end of the school year.  

5.2 Each band member is responsible for the proper care, condition, and repair of the instrument for the length of the contract.  Any damages or serious malfunctions should be reported to the band director at once.  Damages due to the negligence of the student will be charged to the student. If multiple parties are involved, all guilty parties are responsible for paying for any damage done to any instruments or other pieces of property.  

5.3  If the instrument is lost or stolen while away from the band room, the student must reimburse the school system for the cost of the instrument.  The upkeep and maintenance of a loaned instrument is the responsibility of the student while the instrument is in his/her possession.

5.4 A privately owned instrument is the responsibility of the student who owns it.  Students should check with their parents to see that their instrument is either insured through the music store where it was purchased or through some other means.  Before purchasing a new instrument, students should consult with the band director.
Never keep your mouthpiece in a school owned instrument case.  Always keep that mouthpiece on you!


6.1 Each student in the Reagan Band program will receive a cubby and a lock if they want to have one.  The student is responsible for maintaining their cubby and their lock.  The cubby should be locked at all times when the student is not using it.  Unfortunately thefts occur every year because students do not lock their cubbies.  

6.2 Reagan High School and the Reagan Band Program are not liable for any belongings lost, stolen, or damaged due to negligence.  Students who lose their locks will be subject to a $5 replacement fee.

6.3 The locker room should be kept neat and free of trash, food, etc.  Instruments must be stored in the student’s assigned locker while not being used during rehearsal or practice.  Instruments cannot be left in the floor of the locker room.


7.1 General Procedures

Leaving your seat - Raise your hand and ask for permission
Entering the classroom - Go directly to instrument/music/seat/warm-up
Class Dismissal - Wait for the teacher to dismiss, not the bell
Asking a question - Raise your hand
Responding to a question - Raise your hand
Cubbies - Keep them neat and orderly
Turning in Money - Write information on envelope and drop it in the lock box
Announcements - Check the board at the beginning of class
Practicing - Structured, daily practice
Storing Music - In binder, not in case.
Entering the Band Office - Knock before entering

7.2 You may only be in the locker room if you are getting your instrument.  That area is not an area for hanging out.

7.3 BE ON TIME FOR REHEARSAL.  Students that are held over by another Reagan HS staff member should get them to write a dated and signed note.  Students arriving late to class without an authorized note will be counted as late.  Unexcused tardies will result in a reduction of the daily grade.  Students are responsible for making up the rehearsal time that they miss.  Please check the new school attendance policy regarding tardies.  

7.4  Band Classroom Tardy Time-Frame:  Due to the time of the assembly process of one’s instrument, students are allowed 2 minutes after the bell rings before they are counted tardy.  For a student to be on-time for band class, students must be in their seat with their instrument and materials at this time.  Simply being in the room or storage room after the bell rings does not count as being on time.

7.5 Use the restroom before class.  Do not ask to go at the beginning of class.  Students cannot leave class during the first 15 or last 15 minutes of class.  

7.6  Please put all back packs in the storage room (including percussion).  

7.7 Beginning of class - As the conductor steps onto the podium, the class should be silent

7.8 All students should be seated with all materials ready for rehearsal/class three minutes after the tardy bell has sounded.  DO NOT ASK to leave the room or return to the storage room after rehearsal has started to get materials.  Doing so will result in an unexcused tardy.

7.9 End of the year procedures:  1)  Clean out your locker  2)  Leave the lock attached  3)  Turn in all school owned instruments.

7.10  Cell phones are NOT allowed to be used during band class.  Cell phones should be placed in storage bags on the wall.  Students that use cell phones during class will have them confiscated and will be written up.


7.12  At the conclusion of the school year students are responsible for doing the following:


8.1 There will be NO GUM, FOOD, CANDY, or DRINKS brought into the band room, auditorium, or band storage areas (water is fine).  Any band member found with any of these items before, during, or after rehearsal will receive a disciplinary referral.  The band room is not the lunch room.

8.2 There is to be no non-essential talking or other disruptions when the band director is teaching or any student is asking a question.  Not only is this extremely rude and impolite, it is a serious disruption of the rehearsal and the learning process.

8.3 Keep the band room clean and neat.  Put trash in the trash can.  Take care of all band equipment.  Any mistreatment of school facilities or equipment will result in a monetary fine and a short band career.

8.4 The band storage rooms are for instrument storage only.  Band members are not to keep personal items and belongings in the band storage facilities.  It is not to be used as a locker.

8.5 At the end of rehearsal/class put all things away in their proper storage area.  Do not leave folders on the music stands.  Return all instruments to their proper place in the storage room.

8.6 Good bands have good posture when playing.  Students will be expected to sit with proper posture when playing their instrument.  Students displaying poor or inappropriate posture and/or playing position will have their daily grade lowered substantially.

8.7 Only Reagan HS percussionists are allowed in or near the percussion section.  Students will not play any instrument other that their own.

8.8 No student is to leave the band room during a rehearsal without the permission of the band staff.  The one exception is the “Puke” rule.

8.9 Reagan HS does not permit the use of cellphones during the instructional day (8:55am-3:40pm) except during class changes and during lunch.  Students who have their cell phones out during this time will have the phone confiscated and turned in to the school’s administration.  The cell phone must then be picked up by a parent.  

8.10  It is the policy that students at Reagan must not disrupt the learning of other students.  Students are not permitted to do anything that will take away from the instructional time of other students.  The band classroom environment is one of structure, discipline, and focus.  Any behavior deemed as a distraction can and will result in disciplinary referral.  


9.1 Failing to adhere to any of the written rules will result in a series of consequences as listed below.  The listed consequences below also adhere to any other situations deemed by the band director that may not be listed (if it is not a listed rule but the director or staff member says not to do it, the following list of consequences still takes effect).  Just because something is not listed as a rule does not mean that it should be done.  Use good judgment.  

First Offense – Verbal Warning/Parent Phone Call or Email
Second Offense and any offenses after – Disciplinary Referral


10.1 Students must have their instrument and all materials everyday to receive a full participation grade.  Failure to have your instrument/mouthpiece/mallets/music will result in a letter grade reduction and moving to the bottom of the section.   A written note or email of any kind providing an excuse to the nature of leaving the instrument at home is not justification for not having an instrument in class and will still result in a grade deduction.  

10.2  There is NO alternate assignment if a student does not have an instrument in class.  Much like a football worksheet is not a substitute for actually practicing football, doing a worksheet is not a substitution for playing an instrument (for concerts, see Making Up A Performance below).

10.3 Absences from Class - While a student will never be punished for missing class, it is the student’s responsibility to make up any work they miss (worksheets, playing tests, etc.).  Due to the importance that everyone be at all rehearsals, absences may lead to changes in seating, parts, solos, performances, etc.  If a student is absent and cannot play a solo or certain part, another student may be asked to perform that part instead.  This is especially important in the percussion section, as another player may be asked to cover a part if a student is often absent.

10.4  If a student wishes to retain his/her grade after failing to have his/her instrument in class, the student may earn their points back by staying before or after school for 1.5 hours (class time) for practice and help.   For information on the impact on a student’s grade for missing materials, see section 11.6 Grade Deductions.  

10.5  Band is a performance class that requires everyone to be in attendance for all rehearsals.  If a student misses more than five rehearsals for any reason, he or she may not perform in any performances of that material unless they make up that time before or after school (Reagan Music Department Policy).  Students that do not make up this time may perform the concert material for a grade as a grade replacement (see Making Up A Concert).

10.6 If a student is too sick to participate, then they should follow the procedures for leaving school due to an illness.   If the student is in school, they must participate.

10.7 If a student’s instrument is not working correctly then they need to bring it the director to see if the repair might be a simple one.  Never allow a “Mr. fix it” to try to repair the instrument.  If the director can’t solve the problem, he will refer the student/parent to a licensed repair person.  Parents should write a note stating that the instrument is being repaired.  The note should state the name of the repair facility and the repair number.  This note is needed to ensure that the student’s participation grade does not suffer.  If there is a loaner instrument available it will be issued upon the receipt of the parent note.  Otherwise, students not playing in class will earn a ZERO for the day.



11.1  Students will be assigned grades for participation, playing tests, concert attendance, and written assignments.  You can view the playing test rubric and syllabus below.

Grade Weights:

Concert Performance: 40%

Participation: 20%

Playing Tests: 20%

Written Assignments: 20%

11.2 All playing tests may be performed in class or turned in online at the discretion of the band director..  The rubric for playing tests are listed below:

11.3  Why did I receive this grade?

Reagan Playing Test Rubric:

100 - All rhythms, notes, dynamics are correct and demonstrated with superb tone quality.
90 - 99 - Almost all rhythms, notes, dynamics are correct and demonstrated with superb tone quality.
80 - 89 - Most rhythms, notes, dynamics are correct with a few mistakes and/or tone quality is less mature.
70 - 79 -  Some rhythms, notes, dynamics are correct and/or tone quality is weak and unsupported.
60 - 69 - Many mistakes in rhythms, notes, dynamics or poor tone quality.
1 - 59 - Piece is unrecognizable due to above factors not being in place.
0.1 - Test not performed.

11.4 Scales are to be played in the Honors Band pattern.

11.5 Submitting a Playing Test/Pass-Off Online

1.      Record the portion on your phone or other recording device.

2.      Email the recording to Make sure the address is spelled correctly.

3.      Please include your name and what you are playing in the title of the email.

11.6 Grade Deductions

A deduction in the student’s grade may be due to several factors.  See below:


12.1  Extra Credit may be offered to a class.  Extra credit opportunities will not be given to an individual student.


13.1  Students in the Reagan Band Program have the opportunity to register in an Honors Level of Band.  Enrolling in this section of band means the student receives Honors weight and is required to complete extra work as part of their Honors requirements.  

13.2  The Honors section of band is defined as either Proficient (Level III) or Advanced (Level IV).  Mr. Johnston and Mr. Tysor recommend students for a level of band, but it is the student that ultimately chooses which level of band he/she takes.  If a student finds they are incorrectly enrolled in the wrong level of band, it is their responsibility, not the responsibility of the directors, to schedule an appointment with Guidance to change the level.  This must be done during the first 9 weeks.

13.3  A student may be enrolled in any ensemble and receive Honors credit for that class.  It is NOT limited to just the Wind Ensemble (top ensemble).

13.4  Honors Assignments include but are not limited to  extra ranges on scale tests, concert review papers, self-critiques, and Honors Band Auditions.

13.5  By signing the Band Contract, the student recognizes and understands which level of band he or she is enrolled.  It is the responsibility of the student, not the director, to know which level of band he/she is enrolled and complete the requirements.  Stating that you did not know your level of band, deciding that the workload is too much, or simply just not doing the required work are all unexcused reasons for not completing Honors requirements.  Not completing Honors requirements will drop the student’s grade by one letter grade.

13.6  Students enrolled in Honors Credit are required to pass-off all material and audition for All-County and All-District Band.  Not showing up for the audition, deciding to not audition, or schedule conflicts are all unexcused reasons for not completing this important Honors requirement and do not warrant any kind of makeup assignment.  Illness, death in the family, uncontrollable or unforeseen conflicts are excused and students may choose to complete a makeup assignment. Dates for auditions and clinics are on the band calendar.  Students will receive the grade given to them by the adjudicators at All-County and All-District Auditions.  

13.7  The Honors Band makeup assignment includes performing the solo, scales, and sight-reading for the grade in place of  the audition.  Because the purpose of the assignment is to put a student through an audition, and it is impossible to replicate these circumstances, it is necessary to grade the material as it is performed.  Like a participation grade, writing a paper or attending a concert is not an acceptable form of a makeup assignment.

13.8 Failure to complete Honors Requirements results in a deduction of the student’s grade (see Grade Deductions 11.6)


14.1 If a student misses a playing test or is not satisfied with their test grade, they are allowed unlimited retakes any time before or after school (please arrange time with Mr. Johnston or Mr. Tysor) for up to ONE WEEK after the test.  Exceptions can be granted for extenuating circumstances, not because “I forgot.”  

14.2 Students who disrupt another student’s playing test will have a grade deduction of 5 points.

13.3 Students who do not have their instrument on the day of a playing test (for tests administered in class) may still retake their test, but with a 10 point reduction.

14.4 The number one reason students receive  grades that they are not happy with is because of students missing school days when a test has been given or missing a performance and not making it up the test or the performance.  It is the responsibility of the student to seek out the band director if he/she misses any event and wishes to make it up, not the other way around.  It is the responsibility of the student to schedule a time to make up anything missed before or after class, not during class or at the beginning of class.  

14.5 For example:  If a student misses a Friday playing test, the band director will not see that student again until the next Tuesday.  By that time, the director has most likely forgotten that the student was absent.

14.6 The directors have specific days where students can come at their leisure to make up any tests or assignments.  You can find these specific days in Mr. Johnston’s weekly emails, on the band website under weekly emails, or on the board or television in the bandroom.  

14.7 Major events that are missed including concerts, Honors requirements (All-District auditions, Solo and Ensemble, etc.) take more time to prepare for a makeup, so the student needs to make sure they schedule a time with Mr. Johnston to establish a make up performance (for making up a concert, please see Making Up A Performance below).  The Reagan Music Department concert makeup protocol is for the student to record their music for a grade (see Making Up A Performance in Section 19.0).  


15.1 Auditions for chair placements will take place either at the beginning or end of a nine week period.  The process may consist of either a recorded audition, scales test, playing tests, or can be based off of an All-County/All-District audition.  

15.2 Chair auditions are simply a guideline for chair placement, where the final decision is up to the director’s discretion.  Factors that may influence the director to veer from the chair placement score includes:  the total need of the section/band, the physical demands/range of the player (brass), the part division (2 clarinet parts vs 4 clarinet parts), discipline reasons, knowledge of the part, or attendance (a student with poor attendance may be moved to a part with fewer solos/independent parts).

15.3  Percussion part assignments are based largely off of ability, interest, and attendance.  Parts may be reassigned for the following reasons:

15.4 Chair challenges can occur up to 2 weeks before a performance.  The student must let the director as well as the student being challenged know of the challenge.  It is not up to the director to set up challenges.

15.5  Solos are distributed in one or more ways:  

15.6 Absences may affect solo responsibilities, performance orders, or chair placements (see section 10.3).



16.1 ALL PERFORMANCES OF ANY PORTION OF THE REAGAN BAND PROGRAM ARE MANDATORY FOR ITS MEMBERS.  The success of any musical group depends on the RESPONSIBLE actions of its members.  Each member is expected to do his or her part and this includes participating in ALL performances of the group.  It will be impossible for students who do not fulfill their performance responsibilities to earn a passing grade in band.  Students that are absent from performances may lose their performance privileges.

16.2 In the rare event that something unforeseen was to occur that would cause a student to miss a performance, the band staff will handle those events on a case by case basis.  The following would be examples of this: death of a family member, or serious illness of a band member or close family member.

16.3 The following would be examples of an unacceptable reason to miss a performance:  

1.  No ride (Ask someone to pick you up)
2.  Work (Concert dates are planned over a year in advance)
3.  Sports events  (Concert dates are planned over a year in advance, usually around athletic events, so you can make arrangements)  
4.  There are plenty more examples that could be given, but this should get the point across.

16.4  Absences - Performances for the band occur once a quarter.  If a student misses 5 or more rehearsals in the quarter ( 5 rehearsals are equivalent to two weeks of band),  the student may be asked not to perform in the concert or at MPA.  Simply being able to perform one’s part is not a sufficient reason as to still participate in the performance, as there may be changes to the music that occurred in the rehearsals where the student was absent.  


17.1 Most of the performing groups that are a part of the Reagan band program meet/rehearse/practice during a regularly scheduled class time or period.  The following policies apply to all members of any part of the Reagan band program.  These definitions are given so that everyone involved with the band program is clear about the terminology being used concerning absences.

17.2 Excused Absence:  Emergency (last minute) excuses include personal illness of student, death or family tragedy.  All other absences require that the director receive prior notification to be excused.  In order for the absence excuse to be conferred, the student must make up all rehearsal/practice time ‘minute for minute’, preferably before the absence occurs.  The director will take the following factors into consideration when notified about an upcoming absence.

17.3  An un-excused absence includes any non-emergency absence including missing for work, homework, out of town trips, retreats, no ride, clubs or other activities, little league, etc.    Exceptions can be granted pending director approval and proper notification.  Unexcused absences from performance may result in loss of performance privileges, moving to the bottom of the section, changing bands (moving from Jazz 1 to Jazz 2 or Symphonic Band to Concert Band), losing solo privileges, etc.   Simply not showing up for a rehearsal and attempting to justify the reason later still results in an unexcused absence as well as forfeiting privileges mentioned above.  This puts the band and the director in an unfair position in a performance situation.  

17.4  What was the reason for the absence?
If the absence is for personal reasons, did the parents and the student do everything within their power to avoid/prevent the conflict?

17.5  Tardy Rule for Concerts/Dress Rehearsals:  Students are expected to be at the Concert and/or Dress Rehearsal on time.   It is an important life lesson that the students know to be on time prepared with all materials (music, instrument, etc.).  There is a grade deduction of 5 points per 5 minutes for each student who is late to a concert or dress rehearsal.  

17.6 Because the band room is locked shortly before the concert starts, it is imperative that the students do not come in late and seek out a band director to get into the bandroom.  The directors are managing over 100 students in the auditorium and cannot stop the warm-up and/or concert because a student is late and cannot get into the bandroom.  

17.7  Showing up tardy to a concert, missing equipment or music, or not wearing proper attire or partial proper attire will result in a grade deduction from the concert grade (see section 11.6)

17.8  Students with a history of non-compliance may not attend MPA (Music Performance Assessment) and will be given an alternate assignment.


18.1  Students are required to adhere to the Reagan concert dress as defined by the band handbook.  

18.2.  Ladies in all concert ensembles will be issued a standard black concert dress that they may rent or purchase.  Ladies are required to wear black shoes with this ensemble.  Please limit accessories to a minimum.  No substitutions for the standard concert dress is allowed.

18.3  Men in Symphonic Band or Concert Band must purchase the following on their own:  black dress shoes, black socks (must be long enough to cover the shin), black dress pants, and a black button down shirt.

18.4  Men in Wind Ensemble will be issued a tuxedo that they may rent or purchase.  Men must also purchase black dress shoes and socks.

18.5  Absolutely NO tennis shoes/sneakers, hats, socks that are not black, or other accessories that are not black.  

18.6 Failure to adhere to the dress code will result in the student not performing with the ensemble and given a makeup assignment.


19.1 In the event that the director has excused an absence, the student in question may perform their concert music for a grade.  The student will only be allowed 1 try (similar to a performance) and the grade will be based off of the playing test rubric.  This is the Reagan Music Department policy.   Mr. Johnston or Mr. Tysor may require click tracks that are recorded with the makeup.  If this is the case, the directors will provide the click tracks.  If a student misses multiple performances, dress rehearsals, etc. a special assignment may be created for the student due to the large percentage of the grade that was missed.  

19.2  Please avoid scheduling conflicts such as medical/dental appointments during scheduled rehearsal/practice/class times, especially within final two weeks prior to a performance.

19.3 All missed rehearsal/practice time must be made up in order for an absence to be considered excused and not adversely affect a student’s grade or standing in the Reagan band program.

19.4  The makeup performance will be evaluated by the standard rubric for grading performances and playing tests (see Section 11.3).  


20.1  Honors Bands and the audition leading up to an honor group is a cornerstone of the Reagan Band Program.  We believe that the process to prepare for an audition is one of the most beneficial things a student can do to further their musical growth.  Students that are selected to play in an Honors Band will enjoy rehearsing under an outstanding conductor with other talented musicians.  

20.2  For many Honors Band Auditions, students will need to secure their audition spot by paying a small fee of anywhere from $5 - $15 depending on the ensemble.  Once paid, this non-refundable deposit cannot be returned, because it holds an audition spot for the student.  If a student decides they cannot audition, the audition spot has already been purchased, and thus cannot be returned.  



21.1 All students are required to turn in a completed and signed Parental Permission Form when involved in any off campus band activity.  This is Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Policy.  The band must have an Emergency Medical/Health Care Form on file for every student who participates in the Reagan band program.


22.1 All band members will ride the bus to and from all activities.  In emergency situations students may be allowed to ride home with his/her parents if prior permission is granted from the band director.

22.2 Behavior on the bus should be that of an organization possessing pride, maturity, and discipline.

22.3 No jam boxes or radios will be allowed on band trips.  You may be allowed to bring small radios, ipods, etc… with headphones.  Please remember that the bus cannot be locked and anything you bring will be at your own risk.

22.4 Students are responsible for loading and unloading their own equipment from the bus and/or band trailer.  There will be a fee charged for uniform parts, music, instruments, etc… left on the bus or on the band trailer.


23.1 Only band members and parent/chaperones will be allowed to ride the band bus.

23.2 Students are to remain seated when the bus is running.  Moving around from seat to seat is unsafe.  Do not unload the bus until you have been instructed to do so.

23.3 If a conversation can be heard in the front of the bus, it is too loud.

23.4 There will be no hanging out of or talking out of bus windows

23.5 Please keep the bus clean; pick up after yourselves, and always thank the driver and chaperones.  


The Reagan band program cannot function without the assistance of parent or other volunteers.  Most volunteers are coordinated by the arts booster club.  Any volunteer whose assistance might require them to be with students without the presence of a Winston-Salem Forsyth County School System employee must be certified as a Level II volunteer.  As a result, anyone who assists the boosters or the band program must fill out and submit the WS/FCS Volunteer Services Application Form that is located on the school system website.  To find the online form  go to and click on the parents tab located at the top of the webpage.  Next click on the word volunteers and then click on the volunteer services application form.  The form must be filled out and submitted online.  Each volunteer’s application must be processed before they are eligible to assist the Reagan band program.

24.1 Guidelines for Volunteer Chaperones - Prior to the field trip, the classroom teacher or trip coordinator will provide you with information regarding the activities planned for the trip, expectations for supervising students, and emergency procedures. In addition, the following general guidelines will help you effectively perform your duties as a chaperone. If you have questions regarding these guidelines, please talk to the teacher or principal.

24.2 All school rules apply on school sponsored field trips. Chaperones are expected to comply with school policies, follow the directions given by the coordinating teacher, work cooperatively with other volunteers and school staff members, and model appropriate behaviors for students. The chaperone will follow the trip plan developed by the teacher.

24.3 In order to comply with school policy, before or during the field trip, chaperones:

may not use or possess alcohol or other drugs
may not use tobacco in the presence of, or within the sight of, students
may not administer any medications, prescription or nonprescription, to students.

24.4 Students must be supervised at all times while at a school sponsored event. As a chaperone, you will supervise a small group of students, helping them learn and making sure they behave appropriately. Students must stay with you, their chaperone, at all times. Go over use of the buddy system with students under your care. Account for all participants regularly and before changing activities. Be sure you know when and where to meet the rest of your group at the end of the visit. Chaperones must be readily available, be mindful of safety concerns, and respond to students’ needs. Do not use your cell phone for non-emergency or non-trip related purposes. It is not acceptable for outside work or reading to be completed while you are supervising students.

24.5 Student behavior is your responsibility. School rules related to student behavior apply. Go over rules and standards of behavior, safety rules, and any site specific rules with students. Ensure that students do not get involved in any extra activities no pre-approved by the teacher. While you are responsible for student behavior, it is the responsibility of the teacher to discipline a student.

24.6 Eating and drinking are not permitted outside of designated areas and predetermined times.

24.7 For the protection of both the student and the chaperone, chaperones should not place themselves in situations in which they are alone with a student.

24.8 Siblings and family members may not participate in a school sponsored field trip unless prior written permission is granted by the teacher. (Young children can easily distract you from your primary responsibility of supervising your group of students.)

24.9 Be sure you know what to do in an emergency (medical emergency, natural emergency, lost child, serious breach of rule, etc.) Know who is first aid trained, where the first aid kit is, where your cell phone is, and where the Emergency Consent to Form/Medical form packet is located. Keep the cell phone contact number of the teacher and other chaperones available.

24.10 Please follow the directions of the docents and guides even if other groups do not.

24.11When transporting students, stay with the group, do not make unauthorized stops unless there is an emergency, do not skip-planned stops, and make sure that all students have the appropriate safety restraints. You may not transport students without carrying the sealed Emergency Consent to Treat packet. Do not open this packet unless there is an emergency. At the end of the field trip, immediately return the packet to the office.


25.1  The Ronald Reagan High School Band Boosters are a vital part of the success of the band program.  All parents with students involved in the Reagan Band program are strongly encouraged to get actively involved with the band booster organization.  The band boosters are active in many different activities during the year that help our band students and band program.  The band boosters meet once a month.



26.1 Conductor’s Circle is our donation program to help our music programs at Reagan High School.  Information for Conductor’s Circle is sent out in September.  Donor’s names will be printed in all music programs and a reception will be held for them before each concert.  


27.1 Other Reagan Band fundraisers may include the annual mattress fundraiser, fruit sale, and the City of the Arts Jazz Festival, and others.



28.1 The Reagan Band Boosters, Inc. exists to support the band directors of Reagan High School in achieving excellence for all facets of the band program. This program includes the Band of Raiders Marching Band, Concert Bands, Jazz Bands, Percussion Ensembles, and Color Guard. Funds provided by WSFCS are limited and not adequate to support the full program and related costs.  Each student participating in the Marching Band, Concert Band or Color Guard is required to pay annual membership dues which are based on the organization’s estimated annual expenses.  It is the goal of this organization to equally offset annual expenses without regard to profit and in accordance with federal tax laws governing this 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. More often than not, income generated through the collection of membership dues are insufficient to meet financial obligations and must supplement by net income received through student fundraising activities (see above).  

Annual expenses consist of the organization’s costs  relating to student activities scheduled throughout the year combined with annual fixed expenses adjusted for economic conditions.  As a result, membership dues will vary from year to year and are further subject to the student’s participation with the organization and/or group.  For instance, Marching Band membership dues may differ from that of Concert Bands, etc.   Payment due dates and schedules will be posted on the Band of Raiders Marching Band website upon approval of the Band Booster Board.


28.2 Other Costs - It may be necessary for participants in the band program to bear an individual expense for enrichment activities in addition to those necessary to fund the Reagan Band Booster Club budget. Costs include, but are not limited to, audition fees, clinic fees and expenses associated with trips (see band trip cost).  New students entering the program may encounter additional costs that may include required band shoes, gloves, seasonal t-shirts, etc.

28.3 Band Trip Fees - Occasionally, the band program schedule includes an OPTIONAL trip for performance competitions which will require one or more overnight stays .  Costs associated with these optional trips are the responsibility of the student (member) as they are not included in the annual membership dues.  The total cost per student is determined by the total projected expenses divided among all participating members.  Funds collected and expenses incurred as a result of an OPTIONAL trip cannot be combined with or supplemented by this organization’s general fund and has no effect on the organization’s annual budget.  The budgeting and planning of such trips are managed by the Band Booster Club’s Executive Board in conjunction with the Directors and school administration.  Trip fees are estimated in advance and are provided to students, parents and/or guardian and may not be all inclusive.  Students must pay off all outstanding fees if he or she wishes to participate in a non-required trip.




Following band camp the marching band will rehearse every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30pm - 8:30pm and on Fridays immediately after school  from the beginning of school though the end  of the season.   Additional sectional, percussion, and color guard practices may be scheduled.


M2.1  To maintain the highest quality level in our band program, students are expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct.  Failure to do so can result in consequences including removal of privileges.  

Band of Raiders Code of Conduct:

Students in the Band of Raiders are expected to treat each other and all Reagan faculty members with respect and comply with all school rules at all times.  Students need to maintain a positive attitude and the language used by a student should positively reflect the band program.   Students should never publicly speak ill of another student, staff member, or the program and should always represent themselves in a way that will cast a positive light on the band program.  

Remember that you are always being watched by someone, and every action you do will reflect on the entire band program.

M2.2 Attendance at ALL rehearsals and performances is MANDATORY for marching band members.  Each band member has received a schedule of the activities for the year and has returned a Reagan Band of Raiders Commitment Contract.  Be on time (which really means be early) for all rehearsals and performances.  Stay for the entire rehearsal.  Leaving early from rehearsal will be treated the same as a tardy.  In the event that a student must miss any part of a scheduled band event a notification must be sent through the Absence Notification Form on the website..  Any portion of a missed rehearsal must be made up.  Failure to do so could result in not being eligible to participate in future performances of the band.

M2.3  Eligibility:  Students who play an instrument in marching band MUST be enrolled in one of the band classes.  Colorguard is open to anyone, regardless of enrollment in band.

M2.4 Students will need the following at every rehearsal:

All issued marching band music
An instrument in proper playing condition
All issued drill coordinate charts
A three ring binder containing sheet protectors
A flip folder
An instrument lyre
Appropriate clothing and proper shoe



M3.1  The marching band schedule is set as little as 10 months in advance.  While minor changes may be made, the basic schedule always includes a two week camp at the end of July/beginning of August, Friday night games, and Saturday contests in late September/October.  Mr. Johnston and Mr. Tysor also communicate these dates with an online Google calendar, written out calendar, weekly emails, and Remind texts.  

M3.2  Because the marching band frequently performs immediately after learning new material, attendance at all rehearsals is crucial.  All rehearsals and performances are required (unless otherwise stated) and performances must be attended in their entirety.    Any unexcused absences from a rehearsal prior to a performance will mean the student will not be able to participate in that performance.

If you know you are not going to be at a rehearsal you must communicate directly with the band director by filling out the Absence Notification Form on the website.  This does not guarantee an excused absence.  Proper communication is a must.

M3.3 An unexcused absence includes any non-emergency absence including missing for work, homework, out of town trips, retreats, no ride, clubs or other activities, little league, etc.    Exceptions can be granted pending director approval and proper notification in advance.

The following system will be used for any student who misses a rehearsal/practice of one of the other groups associated with the Band of Raiders.

2 unexcused absences will result in the revocation of performance privileges (Friday night games/contests)

2 unexcused late or leaving early occurrences will result in one unexcused absence.

1 unexcused absence from a performance will result in being ineligible for a leadership position next season.    

1 unexcused absence for a leader will result in the removal of their  leadership position.  

1 unexcused absence from a performance (game, contest, parade) for a member in the drumline or colorguard will result in the student’s removal from drumline or colorguard.  

Tardies and absences all result in a grade deduction for those students receiving academic credit for marching band.

Simply not showing up for a rehearsal and attempting to justify the reason later still results in an unexcused absence as well as forfeiting privileges.

M3.4  The band director must be notified 48 hours in advance of an absence prior to the rehearsal/practice.  The time will automatically be documented when the Absence Notification Form is filled out and submitted.

M3.5  If a student fails to show up to a rehearsal or performance without any kind of notification to the director, we have no other choice but to assume the student has quit the marching band or something has happened to the student.  Skipping a marching band practice or performance will result in the removal from marching band.  

M3.6 If the student simply fails to show up to a rehearsal, this may result in being written out of the show or the part of the show that was taught, not being allowed to perform in the next performance, loss of 3rd quarter break for multiple games, etc.  The Attendance Policy dictates whether the student will be allowed to continue in future marching band activities.

M3.7 Missing a rehearsal, game, parade, or contest and lying about your whereabouts will result in an immediate dismissal of marching band.


M4.1  Students may choose to receive regular or honors level credit for marching band.  


M5.1  While the marching Band of Raiders is a group that welcomes all, several positions include an audition process.  These select groups include colorguard, drumline, and leadership (for more information on leadership guidelines and rules, see the leadership section).  

M5.2  Auditions for these groups usually occur in the spring before marching season after a preparatory process with instructors.  The decision to place a student in one of these select positions can include ability, attitude, and other factors.

M5.3  Participating in these select groups is a privilege, not a right.  Therefore there are higher standards and more responsibilities that these students must uphold outside of the typical responsibilities of a general student in band for them to remain in their position.  These include but are are not limited to:  cooperating with students, instructors, and Reagan staff, properly maintaining equipment,  being at all extra rehearsals that are required to be part of the select group, and strictly maintaining the band Code of Conduct (see above).  Violations of any of these can result in the student being removed from the select group and moving to a general/non-auditioned position in the marching band (which can include Front Ensemble, colorguard “runner,” etc.).


M6.1 Each band uniform costs approximately $350.00 to replace at this time.  It is imperative that each student treat his/her uniform with respect and pride.  All uniforms must be handled and worn with care.  Lost or damaged uniform parts will be paid for by the student responsible.

M6.2 Uniforms will be kept in the uniform room at school.  A band parent will be in charge of passing out and checking in uniforms.  Students may not get their own uniform from the uniform room unless they have specific permission from the band director.

Only official black band shoes will be worn with the uniform.  These will be ordered before the first performance and cost approximately $45.00.

M6.3 When the uniform is not being worn, it must be neatly placed on the hanger in the proper manner.  You must have your section leader, drum major, or parent check your uniform before turning it in.

M6.4 Reagan marching band students are issued two shirts:  the standard Band of Raiders shirt (BOR shirt) and the show shirt.  We wear these shirts on Fridays of football games and contest days.  

M6.5 Make sure to wash your Band of Raiders shirts inside out to prolong the lifespan of the shirt.  


M7.1 When seated in the stands, only Reagan band members are to sit in the band section.  Exceptions will include chaperones and persons cleared by the band staff

M7.2 All band members are to enter and exit the stands in an orderly manner.  We will always march into and out of the stadium

M7.3 The band will sit by sections and students must remain in their sections.  No moving around is necessary after we are seated.  Our job is to be ready to play when needed to do so.  Always be aware of the director and drum major since they are the ones who will give instructions about when and what to play in the stands

M7.4 Students are not to play on their own in the stands (NO HACKING).  This makes the band look and sound extremely bad.  Either the director of the drum major will give instructions for playing.  When the band is playing, ALL members will play their part.  Generally the band will play at quarter breaks and time outs.

M7.5 All students will have their flip folder, lyre, and ALL marching band music at every game.

M7.6 No band member may leave the band section during a game without the permission of the band staff.

M7.7 Third quarter break is a privilege that is determined by the director.  When we have this break you may feel free to visit with your friends.  Getting back late from the third quarter break could cause the entire band to lose this privilege.

M7.8  If a parent needs to take a student home from a game or contest, the must bring a signed note to Mr. Johnston and the student’s bus chaperone.   Students must have all their materials, uniform, instrument with them as well  (Mr. Johnston will not return to the bandroom, bus, etc. on the weekend if a student left their belongings in the bandroom).   The student must bring their uniform and instrument back to school the next Monday.  Mr. Johnston will not keep track of their uniform for them when they bring it to school.  


M8.1  Contests are some of the most fun and rewarding experiences in which the marching band participates.  

M8.2  Attendance is absolutely mandatory at all contests, due to the fact that judges are looking to judge every member on the marching band.   Holes can reflect poorly on our score and can even be a safety issue (such as the Bassett High School contest in 2011).  

M8.3  Failure to attend a contest will result in removal of a leadership position of any kind, removal from any auditioned group (drumline, colorguard, drum major), and may result in the removal from marching band (see attendance policy).

M8.4  Contest Saturdays are on the calendar as early as 10 months in advance, but we often do not know our performance time until a week or two before the event.  Often times if bands drop or add to the schedule, our time slot will change as well.  Please do not schedule anything on these days.


M9.1  Parades are some of the most highly attended performances that in which the marching band participates.  Attendance at these events are crucial, and failure to attend a parade or parade rehearsal can lead to dismissal from the program.  


M10.1 Students who are waiting on transportation following a rehearsal/practice or performance must wait in the traffic circle in the front of the school.  Students must be picked up in a timely manner.  The instructors will do their very best to conclude the rehearsals at the published time.  Please do your best to see that they do not have to wait around on students to be picked up.


M11.1 The Band of Raiders Leadership Program is one of the most vital parts of the band.  The band would not run successfully if these jobs were not carried out on a day-to-day basis.

M11.2 Philosophy:  The Leadership Program structure is like that of a round table where all positions are equal, but all duties are very different.  

M11.3  Leadership positions are a privilege and responsibility, and leaders must be present at all rehearsals.  Failure to do so will result in the appointment of another leader (see leadership attendance policy).

M11.4 Positions:  Student Instructional Staff - Drum Majors, Visual Heads, Music Heads, Captains, Section Leaders, Principal Players.  Student Logistical Staff - Squad Leaders,  Library Crew, Electronics Crew, Prop Crew

M11.5  Leadership Handbook - For more information, see the Leadership Handbook.

M11.6  Leaders are chosen through appointment by the director.  The process to become a leader may include an interview or audition  (depending on the position).  These students must have shown exemplary leadership the previous season, an outstanding work ethic, and must have been helpful and cooperative to their fellow band member.  The student must not have any unexcused absences from any performance to be eligible.  

M11.7  Dismissal of a leader from his/her position may include reasons such as:

Dismissal from a leadership position does not necessarily mean dismissal from the marching band (see Attendance Policy).

M11.8  In the event that a leader is unable to carry out his or her responsibility as a leader due to illness, injury, prolonged time out of school and away from rehearsal, etc., the leader may be taken out of that leadership role.  This is in no way a punishment or meant to upset or embarrass the student, however, a student must be able to participate in rehearsals and performances to maintain a leadership status.  If the leader is unable to continue his or her duties, they may be assigned other responsibilities (assist the director, librarian, help with equipment, etc.).  


M12.1 PIT CREW – The Pit Crew is a group that helps load, unload, and transport equipment during marching season.  

M12.2 BUS DRIVERS – We need anyone who has a CDL license with P and S endorsements (Passenger and Student) to help us throughout the entire year.   If you do not have your CDL license but are interested, please contact Mr. Johnston or Mr. Tysor.

M12.3 FUNDRAISING – Funds provided from the county are not enough to sustain a band program.  We are always seeking ways to raise funds.  

M12.4 UNIFORMS – We wear uniforms throughout the year for Marching Band and Concert Band.  Let us know if you are available for either Marching Band or Concert Band.

M12.5 OTHER POSSIBILITIES – We need anyone who would like to help with medical help, meals, chaperones, photographers, snacks, color guard, working concerts, attend marching band rehearsals, writing grants, tech skills, or any other skills you may have.