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Gospel Value/Saint for April: Stewardship for Creation/St. Francis of Assisi        April 12, 2016

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Lost and Found

PD Day

Grade 3 Jump-a-thon

Book Sale & Read-a-thon

Volunteer Week

Earth Week

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April 12

Grade 3 Jump-a-thon

April 13

Pizza Lunch Day

April 14

Girls Basketball Tournament

April 15

PD Day


April 20

Pita Lunch Day

Rock the Arts Puppet Presentation

April 21

Rock the Arts Puppet Presentation

Boys Basketball Tournament

April 22

EAP Book Sale/Read-a-thon

Start by doing what is necessary,

Then what is possible,

And suddenly you are doing the impossible.

-St. Francis of Assisi

Lost and Found

It doesn’t always feel like it, but Spring is here. With the change in seasons, we will be cleaning out our lost and found. Clothing items will be on display until the end of the school day on Wednesday.  Any remaining items will be donated. Please encourage your children to look at the clothing in the lost and found this week to see if any of the forgotten or lost items might belong to them.

PD Day

A reminder that Friday, April 15, 2016 is a PD Day. There will be no school that day as the teachers will be participating in a variety of professional development activities.  

Grade 3 Jump-a-thon

A big thank you to our school community for helping raise $860.80 for the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) from our very successful flea market last Friday. Also, a reminder that the EAP team will be organizing a jump-a-thon for all of the Grade 3 students on Tuesday, April 12th.

There will be 5-10 students jumping at a time and the students will earn Monopoly money depending on how long they jump. Once students are done jumping they will be able to buy a prize with the Monopoly money that they have earned!

The EAP team will pick the boy and girl who jumped the longest and they will each win a prize! The Grade 3 students are encouraged to bring in a donation for the WWF, but everyone will receive a prize, even if they are not able to make a donation.

Book Sale and Read-a-thon

Our very ambitious EAP team will also be holding a book sale and read-a-thon at the school on Friday, April 22, 2016. Students will have to opportunity to donate books, and buy the books donated by others. The books will range in price from $2 to $15, to help support the WWF. Any unsold books will go to our sister school - St. Luke’s. Once the books have been purchased, the students will have one block to read as many books as they can, as part of the Read-a-thon.

Not only will students be helping others, but they can win a prize too. The class that donates the most books will get 15 minutes of extra recess.

Volunteer Week

April 10-16 is National Volunteer Week, and we wanted to say thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers in the St. Stephen Catholic School community. Thank you for giving your time, running our food and milk programs, offering your ideas, organizing projects and activities and fundraising in support of school priorities. We truly appreciate the time and effort you all put into making our school what it is.  We are highly respected by the community and Board due in large part to your commitment to Catholic Education and the children we serve.

Earth Week

We will be celebrating Earth Week at St. Stephen, April 18-22. As we will be reflecting on the four natural elements, water, air, earth and fire and the wonderful gift of life that God has given us, we ask that students wear colours to represent these elements as follows:

Monday - Water Day (wear blue)

Tuesday - Energy day (wear red, yellow or orange)

Wednesday - Soil Day (wear brown)

Thursday - Air Day (wear white)

Friday - Earth Day (wear green)

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