Case Study - Premier Interlink (Waco UK Ltd)

Quantum eBOM

Premier Interlink (Waco UK Ltd) modularise for success


Premier Interlink (Waco UK Ltd) are specialist manufacturers of modular buildings using off-site construction methods.


Premier Interlink had an over-structured BOM. This led to inefficiencies managing change and inaccurate estimates.  


Premier Interlink engaged Beaumont Computer Software Ltd. to upgrade their Quantum software and provide support restructuring the bills of material.


Premier Interlink has an efficient Bills of Material process. Quantum eBOM helps it accurately cost new building projects, manage manufacturing material requirements and control change.


Premier Interlink is a wholly owned subsidiary of Waco International ltd, a global company with a turnover in excess of £350M. Specialising in the off-site manufacture of modular buildings at their facilities in Brandesburton, East Yorkshire they have the capacity to manufacture over 200 modules - in excess of 7000m2 of buildings per month.

In order to manufacture those highly configurable buildings Premier Interlink must ensure profitability with accurate estimates and efficient control of materials and labour.


Premier Interlink’s success is built on being able to meet customer demands which inevitably leads to significant variation from the standard product. Highly structured bills of material that failed to represent both the method of construction and the array of options were leading to excessive effort creating the lists of parts on which the company depended.

A floor module, one of the least configurable assemblies, comes in 13 different spans, 3 widths and 2 floor types. To cover all possibilities required 78 (13 x 3 x 2) different standard assemblies each with approximately 14 different components. That’s a lot of data to manage and a big headache when the design changes.


When you consider a building may have 300 bays and a single bay comprises in addition to the floor; a roof, external walls, internal walls, doors, windows and various fittings, all with varying degrees of configurability far in excess of the 78 floor combinations. The case for modularisation is overwhelming.

A modular BOM is one in which components and materials are grouped together based on sensitivity to a particular product option. BOM’s for end items (delivered / manufactured product) are configured by selecting appropriate modular bills for the options specified. A modularised approach to BOM management reduces effort required to maintain the bills.

Premier Interlink engaged Beaumont Computer Software Ltd. to upgrade their Quantum software and provide support restructuring the bills of material.

“It cannot be over-stated how it has made the software so much easier to use, but more importantly so much easier to modify.”

- Pete Foster, Technical Services Manager.


Between June 2010 and October 2011 Premier Interlink have completed 33 projects including provision of buildings to; Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Leeds City Council Basic Needs Framework and NHS Lothian Simpson Birthing Centre. A total of 535 bays.

Quantum eBOM has enabled the company to:

  • Accurately estimate project costs.
  • Plan material requirements.
  • Plan labour requirements.
  • Issue materials from stores.
  • Generate bills of material from CAD drawings.
  • Identify and cost specials.
  • Control change.

“Simply put I would never go back to assembly driven bills of material and all businesses should be looking at taking advantage of the business principle if they want to drive their business forward.”

- Pete Foster, Technical Services Manager.

Time required to complete the bills of material for a typical 10 bay building has been reduced from 2 days to 2 hours.

“Like most businesses we have a continuous improvement program and that in conjunction with technical and material changes means the rules for our standards constantly evolve.”

- Pete Foster, Technical Services Manager.

An up to 98% improvement in database maintenance.

“Using the roof as an example, instead of changing the 72 separate roof assemblies (take an average time of 2 minutes per change = 144 minutes), we now have 2 or a maximum of 3 modular rules to change (which take around 1 minute to change at a maximum, so that’s 3 minutes total) and we have an incredible saving.”

- Pete Foster, Technical Services Manager.

“There is one major factor in any decision regarding what software we will use to perform a certain requirement, and that is Cost. A lot of our solutions are placed into eBOM simply because it is cheaper to implement. This is critical!”

- Pete Foster, Technical Services Manager.


Premier Interlink recognise bills of material as a core competency of the business and continue to invest in improvements to Quantum eBOM. The next phase of development will see improvements to the configurator which will increase the productivity of the estimating department and increase the potential for re-use of estimating data in production. We will also be adding a copy project feature and some improvements to the user interface for managing large projects.


Quantum eBOM is a complete solution for managing complex bills of material. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 provides a robust, scalable platform for storing and accessing the data and compatibility with the free express version ensures affordability.

The familiar tabbed document interface, database browser and project explorer combine to provide an intuitive yet powerful environment for creating and managing item masters, sales orders, works orders, requirements files, purchase orders and the associated bills of material and manufacturing routings.

Powerful tools like the Purchase Order Wizard, AutoCAD drawing synchronisation, rules based configuration and built-in material optimisation increase productivity.

The Crystal Reports Viewer and configurable spreadsheet export formats make it easy to share data with colleagues, clients and suppliers.

Item master categorisation and the advanced search tools make light work of finding the right component or material.

Complete version history, where used and comparison tools ensure compliance with quality standards.