Emails, Antonio Lujan, media relations coordinator, Austin school district, including response from Jeff Kauffman, director, construction management, Austin district, Aug. 6, 2013

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A prospective Texas House candidate told us he heard about such classrooms at a March 2013 meeting of the board of the Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce in which board members questioned a district representative about bond propositions on the May 2013 ballot. He said board member Catherine Crago said that some district schools “average” 0.5 outlets per classroom and, he said, Crago added that this means some classrooms have no outlets.


I am interested in district information and perspective on this.




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Aug. 6, 2013

This is the response provided by Jeff Kauffman from facilities: (which means every classroom has one outlet. The statement would be incorrect)

For new construction, every type of classroom, (from basic elementary school general-use classrooms to specialized computer classrooms in high school) has a minimum number of outlets (electrical and computer) required to fully operate the space as defined in our Educational Specifications.

Our Educational Specifications for a basic elementary school classroom (the least wired situation) calls for a minimum:

"Electrical outlets appropriately located with at least six per classroom with separate dedicated outlets (three to five) for computers, 2 computers per circuit....and...1, 4-gang GFI outlet above the countertop adjacent to the sink to serve four separate plugs" and " 6 computer network outlets, appropriately placed."

More technology based classrooms will have more outlets.  Older classrooms have had outlets added, as needed, to accommodate the use of the space.  

New classroom portables have a minimum of eight electrical outlets and six data connections per classroom. Older portables have had outlets added, as needed.

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Antonio Lujan

Media Relations Coordinator, AISD

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Does the district have a precise inventory of outlets per classroom?


Is there any estimate of outlets per classroom  by school?


Was there a recent time when any classrooms would have no outlets? If so, when, and how does the district know?

5:10 pm

Aug. 6, 2013

Hope the overview about the district's Educational Specifications is helpful. A "precise inventory of outlets per classroom" at the district's 120+ schools would take more time to pull together than your deadline allows. The district works to make certain every classroom is equipped with the appropriate number of outlets necessary to provide instruction.


"Was there a recent time when any classrooms would have no outlets? If so, when, and how does the district know?" No. Even the district's oldest schools and portables would have several outlets in a room designated as a classroom.  A classroom could not function without electrical outlets and staff members would request to add them to accommodate the teaching environment.

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Antonio Lujan

Media Relations Coordinator, AISD