Parent Survival Guide 2017

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What is PCC?

        PCC is a six-week advanced studies summer program for students entering their freshmen and sophomore years of high school.  For the past forty-nine summers, about five hundred students from southeastern Massachusetts have participated in PCC. This summer for the sixth time, PCC will be housed at Stonehill College. At PCC, students are exposed to exciting, innovative, and challenging educational and recreational activities - you will be amazed at all we will do this summer!

Who’s who on the PCC staff?


        Mr. Thomas Lynch  is the Executive Director of PCC.  Mr. Lynch makes the administrative decisions for the entire program, and supervises the master teachers and the residential administration.  He is assisted in his office by Ms. Sarah Beberman, Mrs. Rachael Dudek and Mrs. Brittany Silva. Mr. Lynch is the person that parents communicate with the most prior to the program opening, and is also responsible for making sure that PCC follows the guidelines set forth by Stonehill College.


        Master teachers teach the PCC classes and are either teachers in your local school systems, college professors, or professionals in their respective fields.  For the most part, master teachers will play the same role that teachers do in a regular school day. The master teachers are also in charge of providing comments at the end of the summer to allow you to see your child’s performance.


        Ms. Kayla Howell & Ms. Jaimee Martin are the Program Directors (PD) of PCC. This year will be both of their 9th year working at PCC and they are excited to be directing the program again in 2017.  They are responsible for all planning and programming at PCC and oversees the residential portion of the program. If you have any problems or concerns regarding the program, please feel free to contact them via the PCC email account at pccasp1968@gmail.com or their PCC Cellphones once the program has started.


Ms. Colleen Burns and Mr.  Jeremy Papasodero are two of the Resident Administrators.  They are responsible for the dormitory and residential life in the building.  Whenever you have any problems or concerns regarding the residential aspect of your student’s stay at PCC, they are the ones to contact! We ask that all contact be made directly to the RAs, especially regarding student issues as the Floor Leaders and Proctors report daily to the RAs and PD. Once the program starts there Nextel phone numbers will be available. They can be reached at any (REALLY, ANY!) hour of the program, they are always on call!


        Floor Leaders are proctors who have the additional responsibility of being in charge of a floor.  There are 7 floor leaders this summer, one for each floor, administering the dorms with the PD and RAs. Floor leaders make sure that each floor runs smoothly.  They'll hold floor meetings each week to explain the goings-on of the floor and at the program to your child. The floor leaders interact directly with the RAs regarding any student or program issues.


        The people with whom the students will spend the most time will be the proctors.  Each student at PCC is assigned to a proctor’s hall. The proctors will live in the dorm with the students.  Wherever students are found, proctors are found.  Proctors are men and women who are college students or recent graduates; their main responsibilities are to look after your student, and to make this the best summer of your student’s life.

        A proctor has many duties. First and foremost, they are each in charge of about ten students who live on the same hall. Each floor is made up of either 4 or 5 halls that live together on a floor and are under the direction of the floor leader. These Halls do many activities together throughout the summer, and you will find that your student’s roommates and hallmates will become some of their closest friends.

        Proctors also work in classes with the students as interns to the master teacher staff.  

What are Halls and Floors?

        Your child will be assigned to a Hall, where they will be one of approximately ten students from all over Southeastern Massachusetts, The Netherlands and China.  Each student will have one to two roommates.  PCC encourages your student to meet other students from the surrounding school systems and places students from different towns in each room.  PCC tries extremely hard to ensure that students are also placed with students in the same grade. A Proctor leads each Hall.  There are approximately five Halls on a Floor, which is led by a Floor Leader – an experienced Proctor.  The female floors are under the direction of the female RA and male floors under the direction of the male RA.

How does PCC ensure the safety of my student?

        Through many years PCC has developed rules and procedures designed to make sure that your student’s safety is our number one priority.  PCC works closely with the Stonehill Police to ensure the safety of the Program and your student.  PCC consistently maintains a 10:1 student to staff ratio to maintain constant supervision.  Students are informed of program and campus rules and regulations the very first day, and are frequently reminded of these rules throughout the six weeks.  The proctor staff also takes attendance at least five times throughout the day. Additionally, PCC has five Registered Nurses who are present 24 hours a day. Our nurses are lead by Ms. Julie Amaral, most are school nurses from the surrounding towns. PCC also has a doctor on call 24 hours a day. He is Dr. Richard Herman and is the head of the emergency department at Good Samaritan Hospital in Brockton.

How do I drop off a package?

        We know that students (and staff) love to receive packages from home (especially homemade baked goods).  You may bring any packages for or send mail to students at PCC.  For packages, you may leave them at the front desk of the dorm where the student lives, and the desk proctors will keep it in a secure room.  The student will then be notified through a message board to pick up his or her package. There are specific times for when the students can pick up packages, so keep in mind students may not receive their packages immediately after they are dropped off. Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to check the message board daily. Due to lack of equipment, PCC may not have the capability to store refrigerated items. The address for sending mail to students is:

Your Student’s Name


Your Student’s Dormitory

Stonehill College

320 Washington Street

Esaton, MA 02357

How do I get in contact with my student?

        You may contact your student by calling the PCC front desk, where the desk proctor staff will be happy to leave a message for your student.  Also, you may arrange to have your student call you during the permitted cell phone time. Students are permitted to use the front desk phone with permission. Although during cell phone time it may be limited.

What is the cell-phone policy?

        In 2008, PCC designed a policy to allow students to have cell phones, but still maintain certain aspects of the program that make it special.  According to the policy, students may bring cell phones to PCC, but must keep them in their proctor’s room for the duration of the day.  Then, from 9:45 pm to 10:15 pm, they may use their cell phones as they wish. You may want to have a conversation with your student about proper cell phone use. PCC cannot control whom your student can call during their cell phone time. As technology becomes a more prominent piece of daily life, we will be adding more time to students’ day where they can use cell phones, this way students can take pictures, enjoy the day and get in touch with family at an earlier time. These times will vary over the summer.

While the program progresses, students return to their rooms later and later, as evening activities last longer.  Therefore, especially on Thursday nights after the weekly dances and in the final days of the Program, students may not be able to call home at the usual time.  We advise that in preparation for Friday pick-up, arrangements be made before Thursday night. Please note that in bringing a cell phone to PCC, students are bringing it at their own risk. PCC takes no responsibility for any lost, damaged, or stolen cell phones.

        We ask that your student’s cell-phone be used only by your student. If parents would like to talk to a staff member, they can call one of the Resident Administrators or the Front Desk.  Proctors and Floor Leaders have responsibilities that require them to be visible on the floor for the benefit of all of the students on the floor. The RA position is specifically designed to allow for communication with parents at any necessary time.

Why do we have this policy in place?

It has been PCC’s experience that the more a student focuses on the short six weeks of the program, the greater experience your student will have.  We have found that students’ use of their cell phones actually decreases as the summer progresses – and we think that is a great testament to your student’s happiness and adjustment at PCC.  

Why is my student calling less frequently than during week one or two?

If your student begins to call less frequently, this is a good sign! PCC understands that this can be difficult for some parents, especially if this is your student’s first time away from home. We want to stress that using their cell phones less allows students to be more active participants in the program, to meet new people, and to experience a sense of independence.  One of our goals for students is to help them become independent; as the summer progresses you will probably see that in them as well!

What if my student does not have a cell phone or wishes not to bring it?

If a student does not bring a cell phone, he or she may use the phone at the front desk of the dorm, however it is limited since there may be multiple students in need of it. Students are asked to get permission from their proctor if they would like to use the desk phone. We ask phone calls are limited to under 5 minutes long. Please plan accordingly.


What if my student has medication?

        You may drop off any medication, with instructions, to the PCC nurses.  All medication (including over-the-counter medicine such as aspirin, Tylenol, etc.) is administered by the nurses.  If your student needs to carry the medication with him or her, please inform the nurses immediately. Please make every effort to notify and talk with the nurses prior to move-in day.

What if my student needs to get dismissed?

        The best time for students to be dismissed is the early afternoon.  Please send your students with a note to be given to the desk proctor on Monday morning (or as soon as possible).  When the student is being dismissed, PCC asks that the adult picking the student up comes to the front desk and signs the student out and the student must give his or her lanyard and tags to the desk proctor.  All students must be dropped off at his/her dorm before 5:00 pm unless they speak with the RA and special arrangements are made.  If a student cannot be dropped off before 5:00 pm, you may drop them off at the program the next morning. The dorm opens at 7:00am (reminder that classes begin at 8:30am).

What is the normal weekly drop-off and pick-up procedure?

            On Monday mornings, weeks 2 through 6, ( Sunday morning week 1 is move-in day) you may drop your student off between 7:00 am and 8:00 am right at his/her dorm. For weeks 2 through 6, when you drop off your student please note that only students are allowed past the front desk area for safety reasons.

On Friday afternoons, starting at 12:15 pm and ending at 1:15 pm, you may pick up your student from the parking lot behind Boland (girls) or Lot #11 near the Sports Complex (boys), where your student will be walking to meet you. We have an important procedure in place to know when students have been picked up and who is still waiting. Therefore, when you pick up your student please kindly remind them that they need to sign out with the floor leaders. Also, don't leave without the weekly flyer. Please remember that only students are allowed in the dorm during all pick up times weeks 1 through 5.

Please note that the procedure used for drop-off on week 1 is different as well as pick-up procedure on Week 6. There will be more explicit instructions on week 6 pick-up procedure in the week 5 flyer.

On Friday afternoons during pick-up, your student will not have access to their cell phone until they sign out. Therefore, it is best to arrange pickup times earlier in the week with your student. Look for the weekly flyer that is sent home every Friday, or find it on our website www.pccasp.org

Does my student need money during the program?

        Some classes require Lab Fees. Information about lab fees will be sent to students who have classes that require lab fees.

Otherwise, PCC is an all-inclusive program that includes room, meals, and nearly all program activities.  However, your student may need some spending money throughout the week.  For example, proctors will usually have a hall or floor party, which is a bonding event done with the students on a hall or floor and might include food and games or even a t-shirt decorating party.  For this, $5 to $10 would be sufficient; your student’s proctor will give specific details to your students.  Additionally, your student may wish to purchase soda or snacks from vending machines. This is left up to your own discretion and is by no means a requirement.

        During Week 4, PCC traditionally sells “Warm Fuzzies.” Warm Fuzzies are messages that students get to write to the friends they made over the summer and are distributed in the latter part of the program. It is a fun way for your student to thank those individuals who were part of their PCC experience. There is a small fee for each Warm Fuzzy and all proceeds are given to a charity of the students’’ choice.

Additionally, PCC will often organize charity drives (simple activities such as penny wars). More information on these events will be distributed in the future.

What happens if my student has difficulty adapting to PCC?

        For many students, PCC is the first time they have left home for an extended period.  The first week or two can be especially daunting (for student and staff alike!).  It has been our experience, however, that students grow to love the program and make many new friends throughout the six weeks.  PCC has developed methods of dealing with this common occurrence of homesickness and the staff is trained to handle these types of issues.  It works best if the parents are supportive of PCC’s efforts in helping the students become more independent at PCC.  It might be best, for example, that a student only calls home a few times a week to encourage more time with room- and floor mates.  We encourage you to contact the administration if there are any issues or questions regarding your student adapting to life at PCC.  Ultimately, the more PCC knows your student, the more helpful we can be in this new experience for him or her.

        If you have questions or concerns regarding your student, please contact the Resident Administrators or Program Directors, instead of individual proctors.  For contact information, please refer to the phone numbers included in the guide or the flyer given out in the first week with staff nextel numbers.

What if my student is in a student performance week 6?

        More details concerning student performances will be given out later in the program.  Generally, though, family is permitted to attend student performances, and doors to the performance space open between 6 pm and 7 pm.


SCHOOL SUPPLIES (notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.)

BED LINENS.  This should include a pillow (with case), sheets (either 2 flat sheets or 1 extra long fitted and 1 top sheet), and a blanket.  It is recommended that you also bring a twin size mattress cover. You may also find you wish to provide your student with a bedspread.

A FAN.  The rooms are not air-conditioned and fans are great on humid nights.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS.  If students play any type of instrument, it is encouraged that they bring it along.  Students will have time to practice and collaborate with their fellow musicians during REC time. Please note that while encouraged, all instruments are brought at the students’ own risk, and PCC holds no responsibility for lost or damaged instruments.

DOWNTIME ACTIVITIES.  It's generally a good idea to bring books, drawing pads, or stationery for letter writing - don't forget the stamps!

ROOM DECORATIONS.  Students are allowed to have a few posters on their walls.  All posters must be in good taste!  Please remember to use blue painter’s tape that is friendly to the walls (other tape is not allowed as the paint comes off very easily).  Please note: proctors and floor leaders will let you know if your room decorating is appropriate. Please note that per order of the fire department, only a certain percentage of the walls may be decorated. Proctors and Floor Leaders will let you know if the amount of decorations is appropriate.

RADIOS/MUSIC PLAYERS.  Music can usually liven up the dorms. You may also want to bring headphones as radios are not allowed to be played aloud during quiet times such as morning time.

TRASH BAGS/TRASH CANS.  You will find that trash bags (or even grocery store bags) are very convenient things to have for trash collection.

TOILETRIES.  These would include a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap, mouthwash, etc.

MEDICATION.  Medication must always be left with the nurse even if not a prescription. Students are not allowed to have any medicine in their room.

INSECT REPELLENT.  This comes in handy during evening outdoor activities.

SUNSCREEN.  The students spend hours in the sun and should be protected as best as possible.

SNACKS/DRINKS.  Some students like to keep snacks and drinks in their rooms.  Coolers are great, but they must not be the plug-in type!


Due to PCC and Stonehill College rules, the following items are prohibited from PCC:

TV sets, refrigerators, plug-in coolers, air conditioners, DVD players or portable DVD players, personal gaming devices, microwaves, laptops or computers, and other communication devices are not permitted.  Cell phones are allowed only under the conditions stated under the cell phone policy.  Please direct any questions to either the Program Directors or the Resident Administrators.

We suggest not bringing any items of value. Students are responsible for their belongings.


When packing your clothes, keep in mind that the temperature gets very high both outdoors and indoors.  Almost all activities at PCC are informal, and you are expected to dress in comfortable summer attire.  An outfit for a typical day would include a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, socks, underwear, and shoes.  Usually a sweatshirt will keep you warm enough for evening activities.  You will rarely find the need for long pants.  Formal occasions will take place at the end of the program and you will know about those well in advance.  

        It is also good idea to bring clothing appropriate for inclement weather.  This includes a raincoat, umbrella, rain hat, poncho, etc.  Sometimes, it helps to bring clothes that you can use for mud sports.

        During our REC time, students are not allowed to wear light colored clothing. We play a lot of water games during REC time and you never know when you might get caught under a 'leaky bucket' so make sure to pack some solid color REC clothes you don't mind getting dirty!

Our dances lend themselves to dressing a little crazy, whether it be a hoedown dance or school spirit, get ready to brainstorm costume ideas over the weekends!

              Keep in mind that all clothing should be neat, appropriate, and tasteful.

*For girls who choose to wear tank tops: the straps should be AT LEAST ONE INCH WIDE.* Shorts require at least 3-inch inseam.  The dress-code will be reviewed on the first day of the program, but you will find our dress-code is very similar to that of the school systems.

**A Final Note**


Throughout the six weeks of PCC, your student will grow and develop into more mature, responsible, and independent young adult. Your student will have the opportunity to start friendships, try new things, and learn about making good choices and supporting the good choices of others. With your support and ours, PCC can instill in your students a strength, responsibility, and courage, all while providing them the most memorable summer of their lives....


Listed here are the PCC phone numbers.  If you need to contact PCC, please use the number that corresponds to your request or question.  Thank you.

Please call 508-565-1660 or 508- 565 1688 for all requests or questions regarding:

Please call 508-565-5202 for all requests or questions regarding:

Please call your student’s dorm for all requests or questions regarding:

Please call 508-565-4989 for all requests or questions regarding:

PCC Glossary

The ins and outs to what your student is telling you on the weekends.

Boland Hall–- One of 2 of PCC’s girls’ dormitory. Conveniently located across from the Duffy Academic Center.

Core CourseEvery evening students are treated to a presentation in the humanities.  Past examples include speakers from humanitarian organizations, a capella groups, motivational speakers, and magicians.

Dance ThemesEvery week, PCC transforms into a different theme, culminating in a dance Thursday evening.  Past examples include a Caribbean theme, Haunted Hill, and school pride.

Floor ColorsEach floor has a separate color, around which the floors’ students and staff bond and become closer.

Hall PartiesMost weeks, proctors will lead hall parties.  Sometimes they will take the place of meals (for example, a pizza party!) or sometimes they might involve decorating t-shirts at night.

O’Hara Hall  -PCC’s boys’ dormitory. Conveniently located next door to the Science Center and Merkert Gymnasium.

PSTProctor Study Time; every proctor organizes a lesson about anything from traveling around the world to basic yoga.  Students have the opportunity to attend these sessions after lunch during Down Time.

QuadThe court yard behind the Duffy Academic center used for various activities.

RECShort for Recreation, PCC runs organized REC every day between 2:30pm and 5pm.  Proctors organize REC invites as varied as 4-square and Leaky Bucket.

SAG Student Advisory Group is an elected student organization that organizes and plans student activities and fundraisers, and serves as a voice for all of PCC’s students.

Benaglia Hall–-One of 2 of PCC’s girls’ dormitory. Conveniently located near the Roche Dining Commons.

Soda RunsFun bonding skits, songs, or other events performed by halls for the desk proctors to be able to purchase sodas before room time.

TagsYour student’s identification and keys to their room

Tranquility A nighttime activity intended for bonding and reflection.

Warm FuzziesA charity fund-raising activity organized by SAG where students can send messages to their friends made throughout the summer.

Weekly Flyers A sheet given out during Friday check-out with helpful information for the following week.

Young VoicesPCC’s very own student newspaper, put together by our students in the journalism class.