Tree Planting Efforts  around the United States:


o   Dale Dickens, Alabama Forestry Commission, 334-240-9360



o   Could not get in contact with anyone with knowledge of trees in Alabama, but based on articles and websites, it appears the largest event Alabama hosts is the annual tree giveaway, where more than 5,000 seedlings are given away.


o   Arbor Day, where around 40 trees are planted

o   Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry: 907-269-8463


o   Danielle Shasteen, 479-271-6826


o   Sacramento Tree Foundation, (916) 924-8733

o   California ReLeaf, 916-497-0034

o   Largest single day event ~1500 trees


o   Keith Wood, Colorado State Forest Service, 303-438-9338


o   Could not get in contact with Keith Wood, but from what I can tell Colorado does not have any single day tree planting events like 100K tree day.  There are programs through the Colorado tree coalition that plant 70K trees a year.


o   Arbor Day, trees planted in the 100s

o   Connecticut Tree Protective Association (CTPA): 203-577-8144


o   Small annual program ($50K per year), at DCH, they plant trees through a couple of different programs, including tree giveaways (~150 trees)

o   The Delaware Center for Horticulture, 302-658-6262


o   Lou Shepherd, Florida Forest Service, 850-681-5881


o   Largest event found was an arbor day event, were 10,000 free trees were given out (see link above)


o   Georgia Arbor Day (~150 trees), Plantlanta (300-400 trees)

o   Trees Atlanta, 404-522-4097


o   Jolie Wanger, Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife, 808-395-7765

o   Very particular about certain type of tree, no large-scale planting events


o   Idaho Department of lands

o   No such event


o   Chicago Gateway Green, 312-527-9621


o   See above, 15K trees


o   Carrie Tauscher,

o   204 trees in one community, planted from $20K in grant money and $20K in in kind match.  They give out 100K-200K annually, but priority is on inventory and management planning.

o   The DNR Tree seedling nursey grows approximately 3 million hardwood and conifer seedlings annually that are sold at a rate of $34/100 trees.  They are sold to municipal tree boards, not for profits.  Average forest setting mortality rate is 10/20% since most reforestation is happening in less than ideal planting locations.  A rough estimate: support the planting of 2.4 million surviving tree seedlings a year.

o   Current task of planting 5K trees over a 3-year period in the Great Lakes watershed basin, but requires the documentation of where the trees are plated and a commitment to water and care for these trees.  Tree count is based on survival, not distribution.


o   Kentucky Division of Forestry, 1-800-866-0555


o   30,000 tree planting held by Toyota in Ventral, Kentucky.  Mine reclamation agencies have some large annual plantings.  Reforest the Bluegrass (7,000 trees in one day), Reforest Northern KY and Reforest Frankfort (2,000-4,000 trees).  Bluegrass was the original and is 20 years old, and in the first few years 50,000 trees were planted in some events, but it was a strain on volunteers and planners and difficult to find space.


o   Whitney Wallace, Louisiana Office of Forestry, 225-925-4500,

o   No large scale, single day events


o   Jan Ames Santerre, Maine Forest Service, 410-260-8510,

o   Does not having anything at the 100K scale, seedling tree giveaway each spring, where they give out ~10K trees.  No requirement for one day.  Trees are given to school and environmental groups, communities, and individuals.


o   Tree-Mendous, Anne Gilbert, 410-260-8510,

o   Tree plantings on the scale of hundreds


o   Massachusetts Tree Wardens & Foresters Association, Karen Doherty, (781) 894-4759

o   Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, Julie Coop, 617-626-1468



o   Kevin Sayers, 517-284-5898,

o   100-300 tree/day plantings


o   Ken Holman, 651-259-5269,

o   No big events like TEC (check voicemail)


o   Todd Matthews, 662-361-4272,

o   Nothing of the same scale as TEC event


o   Russell Hinnah, 573-522-4115,

o   No events like TEC


o   Jamie Kirby, 406-542-4288

Jamie Kirby

Montana DNRC

Urban & Community Forestry (Webpage)

Phone: 406-542-4288


o   Multiple Arbor Day events around the state.  Do not have an event similar to TEC.


o   Eric Berg, 402-782-1816,

o   Nebraska Statewide arboretum,


o   (See above) a little over 100K trees over the course of a year.

o   On the first arbor day, an estimated ONE MILLION trees were planted, 1872


o   Lisa Ortega, (702) 486-5123,

o   Nevada Shade Tree Week, not on the same magnitude as TEC.  Due to the climate and attempt to minimize water usage, they do not focus on magnitude.

New Hampshire:

o   A.J. Dupere, 603-431-6774

o   Arbor Day: 1500 seedlings distributed, plant in the cup at the event and then given instructions

New Jersey:

o   Carrie Sargeant, 609-633-2320,

o   No single day tree planting event of the scale of TEC.  Tree Recovery Campaign supported by the Arbor Day Foundation as a response to Hurricane Sandy.  Distribute over 100K bare-root whips to communities throughout the state throughout the spring.  Trees provided at various distribution centers throughout the state.  People can get up to 5 trees each.

o   New Jersey Tree Foundation.  They conduct volunteer based tree planting in underserved communities.  They predominately plant 2-2.5” caliper trees.

New Mexico:

o   Jennifer Dann, (505) 345-2200,

o   No large-scale tree planting events.  Arid climate requires supplemental irrigation installed along the trees, which adds logistical and financial complications.  There are events where they plant 100 trees in a day in a neighborhood, cottonwood forest pole planting events

New York:

o   Mary Kramarchyk,

o   New York Restoration Project (NYRP), MillionTreesNYC initiative


o   Claim to have the largest tree giveaway municipal program in the country --  4,500 trees

North Carolina:

o   Nancy Stairs, 919-857-4842,

o   No big events.  The NC Urban Forest Council provides small match grants for tree planting by communities

North Dakota:

o   Gerri Makay, 701-652-2951,

o   Arbor Day celebrations


o   Tyler Stevenson, 614-265-6707,


o   Arbor Day, 7K seedlings


o   Mark Bays, 405-522-6150,


o   (see above), largest 41K


o   Kristin Ramstad, 503-945-7390,



o   Ellen Roane, 717-705-2825,

o   Large plantings of seedlings do occur throughout the state in establishing riparian buffers or reforesting open land.  Plant larger, 1.5-2”, caliper trees, approximately 8-10 feet tall in urban areas throughout the state.  Sometimes in larger cities, as many as 1000 trees are planted.

Rhode Island:

o   TeeJay Boudreau, 401-222-2445,

o   Not anything close to this scale, small grants program funded at $30k each year that they give to communities in $2-4K chunks for tree planting projects.  Free Tree program that gives away 1,000 trees each spring and fall to RI homeowners.

South Carolina:

o   Could not find any info.

South Dakota:

o   Rachel Ormseth, 605-394-2395,

o   No large scale events.  Only Arbor Day.  Tree City USA member.


o   100K Tree Day, giving away and planting 100,000 seedlings on February 25, 2017, and aiming for 250,000 in February 2018 –


o   Paul Johnson, 512-872-2816,



o   Jeran Farley, (801) 538-5505,

o   No large scale events


o   Could not find any information




o   Not a lot of info


o   Linden Lampman, 360-902-1703,

o   A few communities that have initiatives to plant trees over a course of time

West Virginia:

o   Robert Hannah,

o   All events are much smaller, usually less than 100 trees, and are conducted by individual communities throughout the spring and fall


o   Jeff Roe,

o   No events like 100K


o   No info