Cyra’s Two-Step Guide to Bisexuality (Plus Some Bi Info, Abridged)*

Step One:

Step Two:

*Since I create work, invite conversation, and hang out in bi affirming communities, people of different sexual identities ask me about bisexuality, so I put together this mini 101-style guide. There are many bi resources, you may prefer others. I’ve been involved in activism and bi communities for a long time, but there’s always more to learn, so if you notice mistakes, errors, problematic omissions, or marginalizing content, let me know.

Some Bi Info, Abridged

Bisexual identities and communities include a plethora of different experiences,

such as attraction to individuals of all genders, attraction to individuals regardless of gender,

attraction to specific genders, attraction that changes in regard to gender over time and place,

a rejection of the construct of gender altogether, and many more.

Common Definitions of Bisexuality Used by Some Bi Folks:

Who is bisexual?


Finding Bi Community: