Chinese Invention Speech/Poster Project                                Name:_________________________


Invention:_______________________                                                                                            Due Date: ______________________



______/20   Poster

                                       Things to include:

                                                  -Name of Invention  (10 Points)

                                                  -Dynasty (if possible. If you can’t figure it out, don’t worry about it)

                                                  -PICTURE OF INVENTION (10 Points)

                                                                    -a drawing, picture printed off the internet or cut out of a magazine, etc.



______/20      Speech

                                -Eye Contact

                                -Length (1:30-2:00)

                                -Delivery (speaking volume)

                                -Prepared/Information about invention

                                                  --What does it do?

                                                  --Why is it an important invention

                                                  --Anything else you feel important/interesting about your topic

                                -***Why is your Invention the most important one from China? ***


______/40  Total Score



-Give this sheet to me when you present and DO NOT LOSE IT !!