People of Sparks

by Jeanne DePrau

Chapter 10 - Restless Weeks






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This chapter opens up with Poppy feeling better while at the doctor’s house and Lina is wondering if it’s a good time to join the others at Pioneer Hotel.

Problems and Solutions



Internal Struggle:

Lina works for the doctor staying in one spot all day doing household chores and preparing medicines.  This is not as adventurous as her job as a messenger so she is feeling “restless” and bored.  Others are out in the village doing new and interesting things and meeting new people and she is feeling stuck.

She finds blank paper in the back of books and draws during her free time.

Internal Struggle:

Lina, while drawing her imaginary city of lights starts to add a few more details that she’d never drawn before.  She included trees and animals but she didn’t know if the buildings would be taller than the trees.  She didn’t know if there would be chickens as they are in the village.   This frustrated her.

She decides to just draw what she sees around her in the village instead of her imaginary city of lights.

External Conflict:

The animals left their plops in the market place creating a terrible smell and made it hard to walk through that area

Lina decided to pick up the plops and throw them into the river to clean up the area.  However, this solution only created another problem because they used the animal droppings as fertilizer and Lina did not know this and ended up upsetting a man from the village.

External Conflict:

The sun bothered the eyes of the Emberites

They traded items to get sunglasses from the villagers.

People of Sparks are frustrated with the Emberites because they don’t know so many things.  They eat so much and never seem to get full.  

No real solutions.  The anger and frustration is building up.

People of Ember are frustrated with the People of Sparks because they are so grumpy and irratated with them

No real solutions.  The anger and frustration is building up.

Figurative Language

“There was a feeling that went with drawing the city, a feeling of longing and excitement and mystery. It was as if her drawings of the city were a half-open window, a glimpse of something she couldn’t quite see clearly.”

Lina liked going to the market plaza. It was always alive with people and animals, and the markets had things she’d never seen before—sandals made of old truck tires, hats and baskets woven of straw.”


What are some of the conflicts identified in this chapter?

What are some examples of figurative language found in this chapter?

What point of view is this story being told from?  How do you know?

What is the mood of this chapter?  Use at least two details to support your answer.

How does this chapter end?  What do we know about Lina’s feelings?

What were the six things that Torren showed Lina that his brother Caspar had given him?

Airplane model, toy tank, toy motorcycle, flashlight, remote, a figurine of an elephant

Through the window, she could see Torren moving the tank and the motorcycle toward each other, and she could hear him making growling and crashing noises.  What must the ancient world have been like, she wondered, with all these strange things moving around in it?  What is wonderful or terrible?

Why was Lizzie wearing a black scarf?

She was mourning the death of her boyfriend Looper.

“The most helpful thing you people could do would be to . . . well, never mind.” He gave Lina a last disgusted look and walked away, leaving her with a half-filled bucket she didn’t know what to do with.

What do you think the man was about to say to Lina?

Why did the People of Sparks think that the Emberites were “unbelievably dumb?”

What did the City of Ember have that the People of Sparks do not have?

Why did Lister Monks get hit by a man from the People of Sparks?

Look at the Plot Diagram below.  

What section of the plot diagram do you think we are in now?  What do you predict will happen  next?


April 7, 2014

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