PERIOD 3 - MEME PROJECT (“Cask of Amontillado”)

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This meme guy always starts with “Y U No” as in “why don’t you . . .” and usually has something obvious a person should do.  In this case, this character is Fortunato asking Montresor why there is no amontillado after all the searching through the vaults. He doesn’t realize that the ‘quest’ for amontillado is a trap to lure him into the Montresor catacombs.

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I chose this because Fortunato was drunk when Montresor chained him to the wall in the catacombs and built a wall around him. If Fortunato had been sober, he would have been more quick to realize that Montresor was leading him into a trap.


I chose this because Donald Trump wants to build a wall on the Mexican-American border. Walls are normally made out of brick, and Montresor is a mason. He also built a wall and trapped Fortunato in it.


This meme usually starts off with “When someone realizes…” In the story Montresor makes Fortunato think that there is amontillado in the catacombs, but in reality there isn’t. I believe this is how Fortunato felt when he realized there is no amontillado.

The image I chose shows a little boy dancing which represents the happiness Montresor felt when his plan to get rid of Fortunato worked. He was constantly bothered by Fortunato’s insults, so Montresor trapped him in the catacombs behind a brick wall to silence the jabs Fortunato continually made at Montresor. He is now relieved that he will not have to deal with Fortunato.

I chose this meme because it creates a connection to the many times in the story when Montresor asks Fortunato if he wants to go back and that it’s okay because Luchesi can just try the amontillado instead of him. But Fortunato always says no and that Luchesi can’t tell sherry from amontillado.

I chose this meme because in the story, Fortunato, in his drunken state, sees a padlock with two chains coming out from both sides. Since he is drunk, he goes to see what it is. He has a feeling it will be trouble, but he goes to it anyways, getting himself caught.

I chose this meme of the child character, Spongebob Squarepants, grinning. This is the face I believe Fortunato had when he heard that Montresor had amontillado.

I chose to use this picture because it usually represents a situation that is confusing.  In the story, Fortunato asks Montresor if he is apart of the Masons.  Montresor thought he met the kind who worked with stone, so he pulled a trowel from his cloak.  

I chose this picture

Karate Kid Crane Kick - you do not comprehend?

I chose this because when Fortunato does his freemasons signs Montresor is confused and doesn't know what that sign meant.


I chose this meme to show the irony of when Fortunato asked the narrator if he was a mason and the narrator pulled out a trowel. In my meme, Marissa’s face demonstrates how Fortunato would look when he sees the narrator pull out the trowel.

I chose to make this meme to demonstrate how Fortunato, in his search for the Amontillado, was chained to his death and entombed. The image I chose shows Fortunato chained up and clarifies who is speaking in the meme. I chose the words to show how Fortunato is a wine taster and due to meeting his death he will never have the chance to whine or “wine” about his job since he loved it so much.


This represents Fortunato’s sad fate assuming he won’t ever escape the cell. The picture is a skeleton which is what Fortunato will eventually become after a long period of time. I thought it was pretty funny.

This meme represents Fortunato thinking and/or hoping Montresor burying him alive was a joke. So this is a picture of Ross from friends laughing and crying at the same time.


I chose this picture to represent Fortunato finally realizing why Montresor had invited him over. Fortunato finally realizes what is to happen to him and this picture of caveman Spongebob represents that.

I chose this picture because he seems to always be drinking, just like Fortunato does. Fortunato thinks he is getting to drink amontillado in the cellar but actually gets killed in the catacombs.

I chose this picture because in South Park Thumper the Ski Instructor advises against bad ideas by saying “you’re gonna have a bad time.” Since it would be a bad idea to look in maze-like catacombs for amontillado (especially while drunk), it fits.

I used this picture because “Bad Luck Brian” is known for bad luck. Fortunato went into the catacomb hoping to get some amontillado but instead he was killed and got a torch thrown at him in a small room.  Fortunato had very bad luck in this situation.

I chose this phrase because it shows that Montresor killed Fortunato and put him in the catacombs. I chose the picture because “Kermit Sipping Tea” is known for doing something but acting like he knows nothing about it, which is exactly what Montresor did. This meme shows that Montresor got what he wanted and no one knows that he killed Fortunato, so Montresor moves on with his life.