1.Do you have a best friend? Is that best

friend an animal, a puppy by any chance?

I believe that any dog can be your best friend even  pit bulls.

I like pit bulls because they are cool and full of energy. And they can be really loveable and also, be your best friend. If you're thinking that pit bulls are aggressive, well they are not if they are treated kindly.

2.A pit bull puppy needs plenty of human company.

As a new pit bull puppy owner, you probably wonder how these dogs acquired such bad press . Your puppy wants to play and cuddle with people, not threaten the neighbours. The negative image of these dogs ignores their intelligence, their sense of humor and their love for human company.

3. Training

Your pit bull puppy is a really smart chap. Few breeds are more intelligent. As with any dog, it's important to take a firm and intelligent approach to training your puppy. Poor puppy behaviour often is a consequence of poor leadership on the part of an owner. Get an  expert to tell you how to go about training and caring for your pit bull puppy. Your puppy appreciates patience and lots of praise during training. If they understand what pleases you, they will want to do it.

4.Be careful around pit bulls.

A pit bull cross Rottweiler  has bit a 21-year-old lady more than 20 times, according to the local radio station.  She's in bad condition after trying to protect a toddler.  This shows what can happen if a pit bull dog has not been trained properly.  Some pit bulls when they are crossed with other dogs can be very dangerous and are trained to fight and attack people.  Always be careful around dogs until you know what kind of dog it is.


5. My grandfather in lesotho trains and breeds all sort of pitbulls .

There are two sides to having a pit bull dog.  Some can be vicious if they are not cared for properly but a properly cared for a pit bull  is a  loveable and friendly pets.  I hope you will get a pitbull but remember to train him or her properly that is the end of my speech.