September 4 - Advice to New FYC Instructors

September 11 - Community Building: Ways to build communities of trust, respect, and sharing in FYC classroom

September 19 - Globalization: Working with Multilingual Writers & FYC in International Contexts

September 26 - Feedback: How to Provide Effective, Efficient Feedback

October 2 - Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship

October 9 - Identity: How we retain our identities as writers?

October 16 - How to Foster Creativity and Play in the Classroom

October 23 - Writing in the Disciplines/Writing Across the Curriculum & Interdisciplinary Writing

October 30 - Theory: Let’s talk about what’s going on in the discipline. What are you favorite theories, scholars, research studies, etc.?

November 6 - Collaboration: In the Classroom and Beyond

November 13 - Textbooks: Do we still use them? Which are engaging? What’s relevant? How much do publishers influence FYC?

November 20 - Reading: Is there a responsibility to teach reading skills in FYC?

November 27 - Happy Thanksgiving Break :)

December 4 - Favorite Assignments

December 11 - Last Day of the Fall Semester Chats - End of Semester: What worked? What didn’t? How will you recharge over the break? What will you try next semester?

January 22 - Class content: What is the content of your class? Student writing or readings?

January 29 - Online Learning: Teaching Online

February 5 - Low Stakes Writing

February 12 - Writing Centers: How to Collaborate with Our Institution’s Writing Center

February 19 - Service Learning

March 5 -  Student Retention

March 12 - Open Access - in celebration of the upcoming CCCC

March 19 - No #FYCchat - #4C14 - Catch our FYCchat members in Indianapolis!

March 26 - Reader/Writer Identities

April 2 - Going Public

April 9 - Inspiring Critical Thinking

April 16 - Campus Violence

April 23 - Our Dream FYC Setup: The Perfect Classroom/Ideal Program

April 30 - What I learned this year

May 7 - Summer Break: Summer plans

How do make sure to retain our identities as writers during the semester? #FYCchat

  1. I'm always a fan of discussions about online learning - especially since that's the only way I can teach now -
  2. Ways to build communities of trust, respect, and sharing in FYC classrooms #FYCchat
  3. Our dream set-up for our FYC classrooms. And, how woefully the classrooms we have fail to live up to that vision #FYCchat
  4. Topics: ways of prompting / coaching discussion topics and use of "low stakes" writing. #FYCchat
  5. Whole-class service learning in FYC #FYCchat
  6. Engaging and relevant writing assignment share #FYCchat
  7. @readywriting I've been thinking about that (not as retaining, sadly, but recreating.) Do you write with your students? #FYCchat
  8. Non-writing projects that help to develop critical writing skills #FYCchat
  9. How we can collaborate with local @writingproject outfits #FYCchat
  10. how do make sure to retain our identities as writers during the semester? #FYCchat
  11. FYC in international and ESL contexts? #fycchat
  12. Writing across the curriculum or writing in the disciplines #FYCchat
  13. How about ways FYC can be more interdisciplinary #FYCchat
  14. Maybe we can also talk about "publishing", both in terms of our Ss, but also in terms of our work #FYCchat
  15. RT @TeachMoore: How to FYC tchrs relate to prof organizations, if so which ones are most helpful? #fycchat
  16. We very rarely get into discipline-related talks... maybe we could talk about our favor scholars/scholarship/theories? Too dull? #fycchat
  17. I'd like to talk about how we foster creativity in the FYC classroom #FYCchat
  18. Topic: Engaging and relevant texts to use for FYC #FYCchat
  19. Working with multilingual writers? Have we done that in the past? #fycchat
  20. Topic: FYC for social justice #FYCchat
  21. Somewhat selfishly motivated, but what does "ethical" mean in terms of teaching and research? #fycchat
  22. Is there a responsibility to teach reading skills in FYC? If so, what is the best way to teach those skills?
  23. how to integrate problem-based learning in writing courses? #FYCchat
  24. @readywriting I mean genre of writing in the sense C. Miller talks about--genre as social action. Genre as texts for spcfc purpose. #fycchat
  25. Topic: How to provide the most effective feedback in the least amount of time #FYCchat
  26. Is writing the content of your writing class? How do you decide on and link readings? #fycchat
  27. @readywriting Lol. I guess it would be interesting to hear what everyone thinks of genre-based pedagogy in FYC. #fycchat
  28. @JMRifenburg Same, though I hope #4c14 engages with #openaccess issues in more than name. I'm trying to not be cynical. #fycchat
  29. Topic: Words of widsom/advice for new FYC teachers #FYCchat
  30. @comPOSITIONblog I also like the idea of talking about collaboration in the classroom and beyond. #FYCchat
  31. Topic: textbooks. Still helpful? I so, which ones? Textbook publishers and influence on FYC #FYCchat
  32. maybe we need to talk about collaborating with and making use of writing centers #fycchat
  33. I'd like to talk about digital literacy and digital "citizenship" in the FYC classroom. #FYCchat