Math Homework

By Daiwik P.

 “Okay, today your math packets are due!!” reminded Mrs.Mouchboume.

I forgot to do it, oh no! Wait! I can just do it during study hall. Image result for math hw really hard

 *                    *                    *

         I went to study hall and opened the packet. It had 104 questions all word problems.

“No!!” I screamed  to myself. I tried to solve the first one, I had no idea what to do. So I just turned it in without solving all the problems. It was snowing outside, I was just excited for winter break and play video games the whole time. I went to Math class after study hall. “ Okay guys, I have homework for you guys”  

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, everybody moaned.

“And why Carle, why didn't you solve any questions on the hw?”screamed Mrs.Mouchboume my math teacher.

“Carle! Why Carle? Why?” screamed the students in the classroom.

I hate my class because they always picking on me.  

“So for this month you have a zero for hw! Carle!,” Reminded my teacher.

I’m waiting for next year. I’m waiting for a new beginning.

The End  

By: Maevis F.


Have you ever taken one look at the beauty of a blank, fresh ice rink, free of the traces of skates and skidding knees? A million opportunities awaiting your arrival, the anticipation you feel as the zamboni returning to it’s dark depths of the back of the ice rink warehouse. Take a deep breath. Feel the cool air sinking into your lungs. And breath out. Do you see the magic? It’s wondrous. Irreplaceable. And some people have to wait until winter just to see it.

But here I am, seventeen school days until summer, chilling in an ice rink.


        Have you ever taken one look at the beauty of a blank, fresh canvas, pleading for your brush to press color against its expanse? The purity of a well-used set of paints, veteraned upon your touch. Or the elegance of a new set, plump with colorful liquids, and the new bristles of a brush soft to the touch. All of the hues leaked in spots upon a clean pallet. Be careful with your choice, for the record of your trace upon the canvas is permanent. Retain the memory of the feeling as you depict the first tiny dot of life onto the expanse. The chances you hold at your fingertips like some wild animal pulling to be set free, so it can spread its wings and flutter across the world. From here, you could create anything thing from the Mona Lisa to Starry Night. I wouldn’t trade that infinity for the world. And some people have to wait until art class just to experience it.

        But here I am, two days until my next art class, and months away from our next canvas curriculum.

New School

By: Amber D.

Dear Diary,

Today was horrible!  Harper told the whole school my “secret”.  I don’t even have a secret.  I think that girl has something against me.  Now, everybody hates me for my nonexistent mistake.  I need help!


        Zoe put down her notebook, her eyes filling with tears.  What had she done wrong?  Why did Harper hate her?  As she thought, tears dripped down onto her notebook, leaving dark circles in the paper.  Quietly, she closed her diary, and turned on her side, covering herself with her pink fuzzy blanket.  Exhausted, she fell asleep and drifted into a dream….

Zoe was at her wooden desk in her homeroom, surrounded by the kids in her class.  Harper was directly in front of her, whispering to Liz, her partner in crime.  Probably planning against me, Zoe thought to herself.  Suddenly, the principal walked into the classroom, but she wasn’t dressed in her normal pantsuit.  Instead, she was wearing a police uniform and called out “Zoe Campbell, you’re under arrest for theft of school property.  You are coming with me.”  Zoe tried to run, but for some reason, her legs wouldn’t move.  The cop was coming at her.  Just as she was about to scream, she woke up.  Judging by the daylight filling her room, she had slept through the night.  Thank goodness it is Saturday she thought.  

She was about to get up when her mom walked in.  “Good morning honey!”  Zoe’s mom was always cheerful and had a lot of energy, especially in the morning.  Zoe stretched and stood up.  “Hey mom.”  “Sweetie are you okay?”  Zoe’s mom could always tell when something was wrong.  “Yeah I- no, no I’m not okay.”  “What is it?” her mom seemed concerned.  “Well, it’s….”  Zoe finally told her mom everything from how Harper hated her, to the fact that there were rumors about her.  Her mom listened carefully, never interrupting.  When Zoe reached the end, her mom pulled her close and gave her a hug.

“Oh, honey, why didn’t you tell me about this bully before?  You know you can tell me anything.”  Zoe just shrugged.  “How can we stop it?”  Zoe’s mom looked down at her.  “Well, it’s your choice.  You can stand up to her, or you can leave.”  Zoe shook her head.  “I’m gonna do both.  I’ll talk to Harper, then, can I move to a different school?”  “Okay.”

That Monday, in homeroom, Zoe pulled Harper into a corner.  “I don’t like the way you treat me, and you’re gonna have to stop.”  Harper looked at Zoe.  “Oh.  Okay.”  Zoe was shocked.  “That’s all you’re going to say?  Really?”  “Yep.”  And Harper walked away.

Just after winter break, Zoe was moved to a new school.  On her first day, a girl named Kaley showed her around the school and introduced her to her friends.  The were all really nice, and Zoe new she was going to do well here.  It was a new beginning.        

  By: Annie C.

 I got out of the car as soon I got to my new house. It was already afternoon. I looked out and all saw was a tiny, dull grey house. It had a very small yard. I was disappointed. I then rushed into the house to see if the inside would be better, but as soon as I walked in the house, I frowned. Nothing was better. The house was dusty and old, and the floors squeaks every time I walk. “KATE!!!!!” my dad yelled “Yassss!!!!” I yelled back “Come help me move the boxes.” dad called out “OK!” I said. I ran outside and I helped him move the boxes into the house. Mom was also helping. As soon as we finished moving the boxes, we had dinner. Dinner made me feel so much better after seeing how different my house seemed. I then asked my parents “Don’t you think this house is sored of old?” “Yes, but it was the best house we could find in the city.” said dad “And we needed a house here because your dad’s job is in this city.” said mom “I know.” I said in a soft voice “Maybe school could cheer you up a bit tomorrow!” “Maybe.” I said “ Why don’t you just get some rest.” dad said “Ok.” I said. I ran upstairs and went to slid in my bed and I fell asleep.

     The next morning mom woke me up. “Honey! Get up! You are going to school.” mom said “Ok! Ok!” I answered. I got up and got dressed and flew downstairs. I ate my breakfast and was ready for school. “ Are you

Ready?” mom asked “Yes” I replied. I then went into the car with mom and mom drove me off to work.

     “Bye!” I said to mom. I have arrived to school. I was feeling excited and nervous at the same time. I walked into the school and found my classroom. I sat in my seat and next to me was a girl with glasses reading a book. I then saw the teacher walk into the classroom. “Good morning class!” the teacher said “Good Morning Mrs. Lutchman.” the classroom replied. We then started our math class. Then after math class was ELA, and then science, after that was break and then history, and then PE, and finally it was the end of the day. My mom came and picked me up and she asked “ How was your day?” like what a normal mom would ask after the first day of school “ It was good, I met a lot of new friends.” I said “ Good!” mom said back. I never knew school was going to be that great. I was actually pretty happy now.