Observing Session Process

  1. Receive the Observation Goals document from the Program Coordinator for each Observed Official as well as the write-up from the previous observation session. Review before the goals discussion with the observed official.
  2. Observer reaches out to the observed official in the days leading up to the game or they agree to meet 60 minutes prior to the game (rather than the standard 30). Have a discussion on the goals for the session – what to focus on, what the observed official wants to take away from the session. Stress that this is not a rating session. The idea is to provide feedback on what the observed official wants to work on.
  3. Observer arrives 30-60 minutes beforehand (depending upon #2) and brings a print-out of the feedback note-taking form to the session as well as a pen, and writing surface and a print out of the observee goals document and previous session notes,
  4. Take a position in the stands opposite table-side with a clear view of the game play and away from spectators who could prove distracting. Clothes should not identify the observer as an official (or supporting either team). The observer should refrain from interacting with spectators, team personnel, etc… if possible.
  5. During the game, fill out the feedback note-taking form for the Observed Official, keeping in mind the information on the goals document.
  6. During halftime, give a very brief (1-2 minute) “sandwich” of what they are doing well and what to work on in the second half.
  7. Following the game, go down on the field and join the Officials for the post-game discussion.
  8. Spend 15 minutes reviewing the notes of the session.  Give the Observed Official the option to allow the partner official (whether also being observed or not) to hear the feedback or if they wish to keep it private.  If the partner official is permitted to hear the feedback, they will be instructed that they may not ask questions until the observation feedback has been fully delivered – after which time they can take advantage of the observer’s knowledge.  Remember best practices on giving feedback that are learned in the observer course.
  9. The observer shall then make a write-up of the session on using the Follow Up Letter Form and provide that within 2 days to the Observer Program Coordinator.  The session fee will not be paid to the observer until the notes are provided.
  10. Fill out the Participation Survey and return it to the Observer Program Coordinator