SASA Recreational Tournament

Referee Procedures

Referees for the Rec Tournament are to follow the normal Ref procedures for SASA games, in addition to the following details:

Game Check In Procedures and Payment

  1. Each game for the tournament has a game card and envelope prepared at the Tournament headquarters for each field.  
  2. At least 15 minutes prior to each game, the referee is to pick up the game card for the game they are refereeing.  
  3. Use that card to record the results of the game and to get signatures from the coaches, and then return that completed card to the Tournament headquarters.
  4. Upon turning in your completed game card, you will receive payment for the game at that time in cash.  
  5. Repeat this procedure for each game in the tournament.  
  6. If you are doing multiple games in a row, you may pick up multiple game cards at once.

Note:  If you have games that are back to back, we will help to get the game card out to you, but let us know when you arrive if you will need any help during the day.   You

Tournament Game Rules

The full tournament rules are available on the SASA website but the most important details are also available here:

Length of Games:


If two teams are tied at the end of the game, one (5) minute overtime period will be played.  Overtime periods will be played to completion, Golden Goal or Silver Goals are not permitted. If the game is still tied, penalty kicks will be taken according to FIFA rules to decide the game.


We will have water and food available throughout the day for the referees, and will provide a tent just for your usage to stay out of the elements (hopefully, the sun).   Please let us know if anything is needed at any time during the day and we will do what we can to help.


Please note that parking is going to be extremely tight.  It is advised to leave extra time available for parking, or to be dropped off instead if possible, to ensure you are not late for your game.