NAMS Latest News

Thank you for visiting the NAMS website. We are a global missionary society with a call and vision to  make disciple-making disciples, raise disciple-making leaders and help plant disciple-making churches.     

Members of our missionary order, called Companions, are serving or exploring new opportunities in about 20 countries. In each region (and countries within), we aim to plant NAMS Base communities that model, train, incubate and send disciple-making disciples and leaders to plant disciple-making churches. We currently have leaders overseeing 7 out of the 15 Global Regions we have divided the globe into.

In the next 6 month, some of our Companions will be travelling to and working in nations like Kenya, Myanmar, Cuba and the United Kingdom. You can read about some of our work in those and other nations in our blog section.

We also have 3 young Global Apprentice in training in Nepal and a further Apprentice expected to move from India to Thailand soon.

Additionally, we have a NAMS Global Leaders Meeting planned for mid-November, 2018.

We value your prayers and support. Please help us be faithful and fruitful for the coming and spread of the Kingdom of God.