Inquirers (2 students)

*In charge of asking relevant, closed ended questions that help others narrow down where the other class can be found.  “Are you east of the Mississippi?”

Greeters (2)

*Introduce your class to guest class. Once done greeting, help where needed during Skype call.

Question Keepers (2)

*Using Google Docs (share with teacher) to keep track of questions that have been asked.  This is a great resource.  (We will use paper our first time and work into GDocs)

Mappers (3)

*Using clues that are given, this group will narrow down the location of the other class.  I provided paper maps and students crossed off states as we eliminated them.

Logical Reasoners (2-3)

*Work closely with mappers.  This group will come up with questions to ask other class based on questions that have been answered.

Videographer (1)

*Shoot video from various angles during the Mystery Skype.  Try to keep your clips to 8-10 seconds.  I liked to use my iPad for video.

Photographers (2)

*Take a variety of photographs of events taking place during Mystery Skype.  I like to take the pictures and put them into an Animoto when done.

Runners (2)

*Take information from one area to another.  This person is the “messenger” of the Mystery Skype.

Backchannelers (3)

*Using students will be chatting with the other class. Students do not have to ask closed ended questions in the backchannel.  

Mapquester (1)

*Using this student will find the distance to the school you are Skyping with once their location is revealed.  Student will report how many miles away the other class is and approximate time it would take to travel to their location